Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Almost 21 weeks...

We had a regular ob appt today... all went well. We had a sonogram to check growth and the baby weighs 13oz, which is normal for the age. I have gained about 10 lbs and that's not bad considering for most of the last 8 weeks I have either been on crutches or in a boot!! We go back on Jan 27th and have to do another sono since "peanut" would not flip over for Ms. Kristin so she could not get a good picture of all four chambers of the heart... All is well and "peanut" loves to kick big sister Kyndahl when I am feeding her a bottle!!! Already fighting over mommy's attention!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas was great!

Christmas was great... Kyndahl really enjoyed herself! Christmas Eve, as usually, we had the Chinese Auction at Grams and Papa B's house. Kyndahl was dressed in her Santa costume and was adorable! My mom was there for the auction and we all had a really good time... almost too good! As Kyndahl gets older, we will have to put a PG rating on the conversations!!! Christmas morning she got up about 7:15 and we started breakfast.... Daddy had make cinnamon rolls already and Nana started on biscuits and gravy. Grams, Papa and Aunt Cheryl finally arrived about 8:15 and we let her go! Her first handful was her "smiley face" snacks and that is all she wanted "more" of... we finally got those out of her hands so she would focus on toys and then she played with her stuffed giraffe and drum set all day and could have really cared less about anything else! Then Grams and Papa B left and G-ma and Papa Chuck drove up with Uncle Brian to start the chaos all over again... Kyndahl had a really good day!
David loved his gifts! I guess when you tell everyone you don't need anything, you really luck out.. he banked Christmas! He had put 7 James Avery charms on ornament hangers and hung them on the tree for me to find... it took a while! All in all, we had a great Christmas, even though all the sisters were far apart!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Finally got our Christmas Tree

Last night we finally got our Christmas tree and put it up! It is smaller than usual but that is ok... it is still pretty! It took until midnight to get it all set up and decorated... now maybe we can take a family picture for a Christmas card and get some shopping done so there will actually be presents under the tree!

Its 1pm and I am almost out for the day, early! One more half day tomorrow and finally get to spend time with my family!

Monday, December 15, 2008

1st Birthday Party...

We had a great time... Kyndahl looked adorable in all her animal print (and she kinda matched mommy). She was a trooper... so much going on and so many little ones. She made her rounds and made sure she played with everyone! She sat in her big girl chair by herself to open the first few gifts but got a little sleepy and needed to sit in mommy's lap. Then would not even touch her cake (she hates anything on her hands) but would finally take a few bites off the spoon!!! Then as we told everyone bye, she was exhausted and ready for that afternoon nap!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

First blog...

So we are just now catching up with the 21st century... and here we are! Now that everyone has a blog, thought we should join in. Keeping everyone posted on Kyndahl and the upcoming new baby... Don't get to talk to everyone as much as I wish we could, so maybe this will be the best way to keep you all up to date on the Boatcallie family!