Friday, May 29, 2009

Dinner at Jose's

So I am a little behind on posts but I am going to try and catch up!! So here goes! We headed to Jose's the week I went back to school. I hated going back but since all my kids had finals, I decided it was what was best for my students. My mom came into town luckily because Milissa ended up being sick! So Nana had both girls all to herself!
Uncle Marc ordered a sundae for Kyndahl not knowing she does not like ice cream. She decided to feed it to him instead! All in all it was a good week. I was crazy being away from the girls but made it. Saturday was a work day for me so Nana, Kyndahl and Kaylah went with me. They were the hit of the school and were both very well bahaved. Kyndahl slept most of the time!! And Kaylah pooped through her first outfit... wonder what she really thinks of NZ!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Already wearing a bra...

Kyndahl was going through Nana's suitcase and finds a bra. This is her putting it on and asking me to "buckle", smart little thing isn't she!
She's so happy to have it buckled so she poses for a picture and continued to wear it for about 15 minutes. Then takes it off to get Nana's cell phone to call " JAJA", she is so southern it is crazy... JJ turns into like 12 syllables! Then proceeds to store the phone here...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy 3 week old B-day Kaylah

Kaylah has her Daddy's feet... she will be able to pick up things with her toes before she is a year old... who needs hands!
She is getting so big... it is crazy to think she is already 3 weeks old! Kaylah is just now about the size Kyndahl was when she was born! Very different little ones... Kyndahl was bigger and never spit up on Mommy... Kaylah loves to spit up on Mommy. Kyndahl was never sick until recently really, and Kaylah has been on two antibiotics already!! Two is more than TWICE the fun!Her hands are big too! Long fingers and just big hands!

Playing dress up??

Kyndahl has decided she likes to try and put on Kaylah's clothes. This is a picture of her in one of Kaylah's dresses pulled up over her own outfit. She also has Kaylah's nuka. We are only having small issues with the nuka. Kyndahl has to pick it up and give it to Kaylah everytime she sees is. You can tell she really wants to put it in her own mouth but has yet to do so... one day we will find her hiding and sucking on it I am sure!
Kyndahl's favorite new toy is Smores the horse. It is over 3 feet tall and moves and neighs! Kyndhal loves to brush it and feed it it's carrot! She loves it and gives it kisses all the time. Kaylah and Smores are the only ones who get real kisses, everyone else gets the forehead!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day at G-ma and Papa's

Sleeping buddies! Kaylah obviously loves her Papa Chuck as much as Kyndahl does. Kyndahl still has to know where he is and when he is returning at all times! She even takes after her mommy and loves his ribs as much as I do! Thanks Papa for all the food and sauce you sent home with us! It was great as always.. but with mom coming, does that mean I have to share??
My angels in their adorable matching outfits! Aren't they cute! Two days in a row and matching both days! Kyndahl's hair is getting so long up top that pigtails are about all we can do to keep it out of her face but after being in the car and napping, this is what we get!

Grandma with the girls! Kyndahl still has to love on and kiss Kaylah at any point during the day. She will be off playing, put down her toys, find and love on Kaylah and then return to whatever else she was doing!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Alpha Delta Pi Shower...

LeAnn and the kids were in Texas so I got brave and drove Kyndahl, Kaylah and myself to Houston on Saturday to see her! The kids all got to meet each other and we got to spend some time together. It was crazy as always as we got everything ready for a shower for Deanna. Geneva, Joey and Bronson even came up to see us! It was really great to see everyone even though it was a short and crazy visit! Hopefully we can all get together again soon when it is not so rushed and busy. We really all need to meet in a nuetral location just because and not for some stressful event!!!
Kyndahl kisssing Bronson already! He almost looks scared!

LeAnn and Alexandra- Jackson was off playing!

Mommy and her girls!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Kaylah's Bath time

Kaylah had her first real bath in the bathtub with lots of help. This bathroom is small enough as is, but then you add a baby in the tub with mommy and daddy bathe her and sister and Grams watching... a little crowded but we managed!
And even tried to get a good lion towel picture to compare to sisters... this is what we got!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Playing in the pool...

and on her new splash pad! She had a blast playing in the water and is getting used to the splash pad and how the water sprays her when she gets close!

She loves the water and wanted "baby" to get in with her but mean mommy would not let Kaylah! Soon enough we will all be in the water, she will be much happier!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Kaylah's two week checkup

Kyndahl is not feeling well so we decided to take her in today and since Kaylah's two week check up is supposed to be tomorrow, we moved her appt up to today so only to make one trip. Kyndahl has lost a little weight and only weighs 22 lbs now. She weighed 22.4 lbs for her 15 month shots. But I am sure now that she is running everywhere, she is just burning more calories! Kaylah has gained weight! She weighs 7lbs 8 oz and is 20 1/4 inches long. She has gained 1 lb and 2 oz since we left the hospital a week and a half ago and grew 1/2 an inch in the last two weeks. Dr Henderson said her weight gain was "sweet"!

Kyndahl was tested for the flu and when it was negative they did blood work to check for other infections but all is good. The fever is ok since it is starting to go away and the cough will just hang around for a week or two. The yucky upper respiratory stuff is something we will just have to let run it's course. Kaylah on the other hand does have thrush and is on two antibiotics. Hopefully all will be better soon because Kaylah is not nursing well and killing mommy!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Megan's done with Grad school!

Saturday we headed to a graduation dinner for Megan. She is officially a "Master"... well at least she has her master's! Now I have to get to work on mine!Kyndahl had a great time playing with the dogs and then in the water outside... this is a picture of her trying to catch the water falling from the roof! Silly kid... but too cute with her pigtails!

Kaylah was a very good girl and slept the whole time... Congrats Megan... glad we could be a part of it all!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Bath time!!

Last night Daddy had to give Kyndahl a bath and since last time was eventful, this time he wore his swim trunks!! I wish I had had the video camera because she stood up and he told her to sit back down on her bottom, she didn't so he popped her lightly on the bottom... and she proceeded to continue to slap her own bottom over and over about 8 times!! I was trying not to laugh but just had to!! daddy said, "well, that did a lot of good!" Gotta love the silly things they do!!


This is one of the new outfits Nana bought for Kyndahl! It's adorable... and so are the pigtails! After dinner with Craig, Maddie and Ashley, for his b-day, Kyndahl was helping with Kaylah!

Craig's Bday

We headed to Roadhouse to celebrate Craig's birthday. Aren't they cute in their matching shirts! Best friends with their oldest little girls!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Times Two...

Mother's Day was kinda restful... as much as it can be with a 5 day old! We had lunch at Rosa's before Nana had to leave for the airport, which will also put me in a good mood... the food, not Nana leaving! Then we all took at nap!! About 3:30 we decided we could load up and head to Gram's house for dinner with the family! It is also Uncle Marc's birthday and without his two K's, it would just not be the same... so we loaded up for more Mexican food and family time. Marc held Kaylah most of the time he was there! Then after dinner and some visiting, we headed home to put Kyndahl to bed. Daddy is having to put her to bed each night and since she is not going down without a fight, it is wearing on him. It doesn't help when she cries for me... we really are both having issues with me not being able to pick her up!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

First time to dine out...

Saturday night we headed to Applebees for dinner... it's the least busy place I could think of on Mother's Day weekend! All went great! Kaylah slept the whole time and Kyndahl did ok... she just really wants Mommy time but since I cannot pick her up, it's rough! Grandma and Papa Chuck had come back to visit so we had dinner before they headed back. Kyndahl loves her Papa!! She played peek-a-boo with him throughout lunch and made sure she knew where he was at all times. He walked outside to the car to get something and she had to go to the door to make sure he was coming back... no one else matters when he is around!

Friday, May 8, 2009

coming home

Even though Kaylah's outfit was way too big, we all looked adorable coming home all matching! She was even in her shoes like Kyndahl's thanks to Keeli! Kaylah's coming home weight was 6lbs and 6 oz. She gained one ounce back the last night!! Mommy's milk is good for calories! Kyndahl was such a big helper, she even helped Daddy carry in the carseat with Kaylah inside. As you can see, she really loves to hug, kiss and hold Kaylah. She really is being great. She's not jealous and has to know where "baby" is at all times. We are working on saying Kaylah instead of baby but it's not going so well. Hopefully we will continue to not have huge issues and all will transition smoothly!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hospital time...

My sweet monkey, Kyndahl! She really is being so good everytime she comes up to the hospital. She just checks on Kaylah and loves on her every few minutes in between dancing and playing in the room.
Sweet peanut! Kaylah is wide awake for at least a few hours a day! The kept a bow in her hair each day... too cute! Several of the nurses were awesome! Thanks Pam and Robyn! They made my stay even easier! Time with my two angels! They are really too cute together! Hopefully they will be the best of friends as they grow!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kaylah Ann has arrived...

May 5th 2009 at 12:10 pm! She is 19 3/4 inches long and weighed 6 lbs 12 oz... she's a little thing isn't she!! Kyndahl is so excited about her!! She was so funny when she really got to meet her last night She was cute enough with Kaylah on the other side of the window but when she really got to meet her, she went crazy!! All she wants to do is hold, hug and kiss her. Kyndahl just wants to love on Kaylah! It was adorable to see it! If I can get the video downloaded I will soon... Thanks for all the well wishes and thoughts! Miss you all and hope to see everyone soon.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Night before....

The Monday night before my c-section, my grandparents cooked steaks at the house. Mom had come over that morning to keep Kyndahl and they showed up in the afternoon. Megan and I left school at 3:30 and headed home! Grams, Papa B, Re and Ry came over to hang out before the big day! We had a great time just talking and hanging out and luckily I have Ambien to get me to sleep some tonight but I could not take it until almost 11pm!! At least I will get some sleep! But before everyone could leave we had a photo shoot! Last pictures with Peanut on the inside!!

Me with G-ma and G-pa Chuck

Mom and Me

David, Me, Grams and Papa B

David and Me