Friday, May 27, 2011

Birthday Party..

Thought I had already blogged about her party... guess not! So here goes... WE HAD A BLAST!!!
 We had baby chicks and ducks we got to love on in our cute outfits

 We had "hay" rides... well we had the tractor and the wagon, not so much hay...

 They couldn't get enough... waiting in line is rough on your party day!!

 Of course the sand box and swing set

 Another wonderful MORGAN PEEVEY cake and cake balls from Katey

 Just too cute for words!!
 A barn to pose in front of...
 Then we busted out the pool and the water for some cooling off fun!!

 Boatcallie cousins.... 
 Sisters STILL in the wagon... note that it has not been returned to Papa G because we still
have to take nightly rides to the garden at least!!!
 Pretty and happy birthday girl!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My baby turns 2!

Hard to believe that this little tiny thing is now...

This big girl, who is totally potty trained and VERY independent. 
She is starting to talk more and more and loves to run and gallop everywhere she goes!
And to celebrate her and Cinco de Mayo, we headed to Rosa's...

 Smiling pretty in her tutu!!
 Loving the sopapillas and really the HONEY!!
 "peekey boo" as she says!!


David gave the girls little greenhouses for Easter. Planting them was an adventure.
The girls really did a great job and enjoyed it.
The mess was not nearly as big as it could have been, but maybe next time we will do this outside!! 
But it was very fitting as we have our first community garden thanks to David... and 
they love helping with it as well


Baby Boatcallie #3! He or she will make their appearance sometime in October. Due date is set for Oct 20th but already measuring at least a week ahead in this picture... lol! But then depending on VBAC or c-section, there is no telling when our Sweet Pea will be here!!!