Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Long weekend Sept 23rd-25th

 Our LONG weekend started with our usual gymnastics class on Friday night. It was circus night and the girls LOVED it... that in itself not so bad but due to the late time of class, each Friday night bed times are later than I want them to be...

 These girls LOVE the rings or trapeze as they called it this night!

 We weren't too sure about MR Morgan being our teacher since he was a BOY but now we think he hung the moon!
 Kaylah doesn't really care what they are doing, as long as she has her leotard on and is at Powersports!
 Saturday we got up and got all gussied up to take pictures but when we got to the Bush library we would have had to pay to park even though not going to game... so we headed back home, changed into our Aggie gear, ate lunch and headed to march-in.

 They love playing on the jumpers and then getting to watch the band and the corp march in. Luckily today we got to see Mr. Jay on his way into the game since we weren't actually staying for the game.

Then we headed to south College Station to watch the fly over from a hilltop...kinda neat as you have the jets flying over you and then see them fly directly over Kyle Field.
After 3pm we finally got to Grams' house to take naps and watch the game (if you can call it that!).
Sunday we got up and redressed for pics, went to the Bush Library and took maternity pics before brunch with the Brewers. Then off the September Fest at Grams' and Papa B's church.

Sept 19th.... 4 weeks til Flipper arrives!

Sprinkle for Flipper!

 The ladies from Stroller Strong (aka Baby boot camp) gave Cassandra and I a sprinkle for our upcoming additions. Charlotte and Flipper had lots of friends and family around to get celebrate their upcoming arrival! 

 Kaylah LOVES the stuffed dolphin from my diaper cake and couldn't wait to show it to me and get it off the cake!!
 Aunt Re and De... love these girls (and their kiddos)!

 Lots of pics of Cassandra and me! She is due about 3-4 weeks after me....
 One of the best pictures we have of the girls with Nana and Papa G ever!!
 Mommy loves her girls!
Crazy cupcake eaters!!!

Kaylah's first AGGIE game to actually attend!

 My little cheerleaders!! Loving the outfits!

 really working on that Gig 'em!! sometimes that pointer finger tries to sneak out!!

 Getting close to the field to watch the band... and get to hear Mr. Jay!!