Saturday, July 30, 2011

 A very happy foursome!! Sure wish KayLeigh lived closer, they really would have a blast!!

 My crazy cowgirl with her pigtails!! Such a cutie!!
 Riding with "Joshy"

 Riding Rojo with Papa and electric barrel racing :)

Saying good-bye to cousin KayLeigh as we headed home... sure gonna miss her but we had a blast at Gma and Papa Chuck's house for the last few weekends!!!

More horse time

 My big girl helping KayLeigh saddle Stormy and then leading her through the pasture.
 Huge change on her face from a scream to a HUGE smile in only 2 weeks!! She didn't want to get off!!

 Trying to show how big she is and acting like KayLeigh... who is not being a good example??? LOL
 Riding buddies... they would ride endlessly if Papa would have allowed it!!

Riding again...

The girls had a blast!!              

Kaylah even loved it! Two weeks earlier she was not even getting near the saddle of the horse without screaming but now is BEGGING to get on it! 

 My big girls... they had SO MUCH fun with KayLeigh and Daddy on the horses... Papa Chuck was so patient and fun!!

Mainly Music camp at First Baptist

 My kids love to dance... and sing... and play!!! Silly sisters!!

Birthday party day...

 Little Kendell's birthday party at the Tiffany Park splash pad and park.
 Hanging out in the water, being a crazy monkey!

 Braxton's 5th birthday... the slide was a HUGE hit this year... David spent the afternoon throwing kids over the top as they quickly slide down the slide!!