Tuesday, January 27, 2009

David's 31st Birthday

We did something a little different this year for David's bday... he decided he wanted a very low key night. So we ordered On the Border fajitas, Rosa's chips and queso and I made cupcakes and hung out at his parent's house and played games. Ry, Re, Craig, Ashley, Cheryl, Marc, Melissa and Christopher were all there and we played Taboo and LCR! We had a lot of fun and it was really laid back! So a good night for a 31st birthday! Fun was had by all!

Doing much better...

Kyndahl is walking so much better! She toddles along everywhere... it's so cute to see her trun corners or turn around as she figures out her balance! She is getting much faster as well! She has been a little stuffy and yucky the last week but think it is getting better. We had a long night last night, Kyndahl woke up at 9:45 screaming and crying... then about 20 minutes later threwup all over the place several times. Then we were up until 11:00 just playing and hanging out. Finally got her to go back down and she slept until 9am?!?! David called to tell me her rug for her room is in so we will put it in after our dr appt today!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Getting better at walking...

Kyndahl is really starting to get a hang of walking... she actually tries to run and gets all tripped up but when she slows down and just walks, she does really well! She still does not understand why the wood floor in her room makes her fall more than the carpet does. But she still knows if she wants to go somewhere fast, then crawling is the answer... and man is she fast!!!

She is really funny in her crib, since there is so much room, she plays a lot! She likes to stand on her feet with her head down and look between her legs like she is about to hike a football and laugh (in crib or out). But she now says bye bye to "nuka" and "raffe" after nap and in the mornings as she puts them back in bed when I pick her up... such a big girl!

Kyndahl's new favorite sign is "please" and she learned it fast and uses it constantly!!

I am 24 weeks today! Crazy how time flies! Next OB appt is Tuesday the 27th at 3:30 for another sonogram since Peanut was not cooperating with Kristen!! There are about to be a lot of Boot Camp babies making their appearance soon, so maybe Kyndahl will get some baby experience before Peanut arrives!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Starting to Walk

Kyndahl is well on her way to walking. She has started standing up by herself and taking 4-5 steps without prompting. But now she is going from couch to couch and will stand up and walk to where she wants to go without a second thought. She usually only gets about 10 steps or less before she falls and crawls the rest of the way but she is starting to really get the hang of it... sometimes she walks way to fast and just crashes but she thinks it's really funny!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Transition to Nursery

Kyndahl spent for first night in her big girl nursery! David really wanted her to spend at least one year in our room and she made it 13 months exactly! She did really well considering and only got up twice! Only once more that usual so that was good. Mom did not sleep great and it was acually kinda sad but bittersweet! We still have a few things to hang on the wall but overall the room looks great! Now I just have to reclaim my own room and put it back together for the few months we are babyless in our bedroom! Kyndahl loves playing in her room so now sleeping should be easy!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Officially no longer a coach...

So I turned in my coaching resignation back in November but was asked yesterday to clean out my coaching office... so I am officially no longer a coach at North Zulch. Sucks and hurts but it is a better decision for me personally and especially for my family! I will get to spend a whole extra month in the summer at home as well as LOTS more time in the fall... but it is still hard. I love coaching, plus I am handing over an almost guaranteed district championship! But my family is worth it! Maybe in time when the kids are older I can go back, but for now being home with the kids and David is the most important thing!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Daddy got to feel peanut move...

Sunday I was laying on the couch and Peanut was having a party so Daddy finally got to feel him (or her) move! So we have a dancing and moving Peanut and a crazy, "walking", piggy back loving Kyndahl! Life if fun and never boring at our house!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Standing on walking on her own!

Kyndahl stood up by herself for the first time Christmas morning with her drum in her arms... before we could hold her and let go and she could stand there for a few seconds but she actually went from sitting to standing, by herself! This past Saturday (Jan 3rd) she took three steps from me to daddy and three steps back! So sooner than later, she is just going to take off!

But for now her favorite thing to do is stand behind me when I am sitting on the floor, laugh and then try to climb on my back for a piggy back ride! She thinks that is hilarious!