Wednesday, January 26, 2011

David's birthday celebration

 Good times were had by all!! We all met a Carinos and ate and had cookie cake. The list included: us and the Carrs of course, Grams, Papa B, Nana, Papa G, Ashley and the kids, De and the boys, Maricia, Jay and Judy. We were stood up by Keeli and Kevin... but still a great crowd!

trip to the denti

 It was all fun and games... until
we actually went back... then the tears and the screams started. 
Kaylah went first and cried a little but for the most part did great. Kyndahl screamed all through Kaylah's turn and really turned it up when it was her turn! No biting occurred but it was crazy!
Both got good reports... he wants us to get rid of Kaylah's nuka so her top tooth will come in, but it will be a little while until Kyndahl's big girl room is inhabitable! 

just cute kids

Just had to post a few of the last few weeks pictures of the girls... they're just too cute to pass up!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy birthday

to may amazing and wonderful husband!! Even though he feels icky today, I hope he has a great birthday! He is a wonderful daddy and a great partner and best friend to me! WE LOVE YOU... hope you have a great day and feel better soon!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday Thoughts....

I am so ready for my little ones to be well... completely! From random days of high fever to sinus infections to more fevers... yuck! But the nice thing about them being sick is how much they like to cuddle! They're getting so big and independent, that it's kinda nice to just sit and rock them. Oh the joys of being a mom... I wouldn't trade it for the world!! This long weekend that we just had makes me sad that I don't stay home with them... I sometimes feel cheated when I only get to see them for 2 or so hours each night. They are my life and my greatest accomplishment... even as they screamed bloody murder at the dentist yesterday! 

Monday, January 17, 2011

mall days..

When we didn't have actual workout class over the break, Mandi and I still met at the mall with all our "K's". Its so much to watch them play since they are all so close in age, they actually get along really well. So we get a good workout and some great friend time for us and the girls! 

Friday, January 14, 2011

Trying to upload family pics via slideshow...

but not working so here you go a lot of fun family pics all  in a row!!