Friday, December 10, 2010

Last days at St Anthony's

 Having birthday cupcakes with her friends on her last day at that school !
 Below are the pictures from her school Christmas program they put on. She did a great job of singing all the way there that morning and all the way home, but while up in front of everyone she wouldn't smile, sing or move!!

 Saying good-bye to Mrs. Aubrey

Yearly outing for her birthday....

and guess where she wanted to go.... and I had NOTHING to do with it....
She had told me earlier in the day that she wanted to go to Cracker Barrel so I was very surprised when we even suggested other places that Rosa's is where she insisted on going!!! 

 I think these are the only reason she really wants to go!!

 Throwing her new frisbee...

18 month old and 3 year old...

I never posted about little Kaylah girl and her 18 month check up... she is 32 inches tall (that's the 70%) and weighed 23.6 lbs (50th). She is getting more hair, especially in the back. You can put it in pigtails and they stick out too cute! 

Kyndahl is the big 3 year old and had her check up last week. She is 37 1/2 inches tall and 31.2 lbs. She is now only on the 50% for both... we thought she was going to be our tall one but has slowed down! 
They are both getting to be so big... they are sharing a room now while Kyndahl's big girl room is under construction. The first two nights went great, then.... Kyndahl got up at 2AM and was standing in front of Kaylah's crib dancing and saying, " What ya doing shugga boog..." Then again the next night turning the lights on so she could find something and waking sister up to talk. Luckily it has gotten better... and I am now getting some sleep, well I say that until Kaylah got sick and threw up in her crib and had us all up from 3:45-5:00 this morning!! 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Trans Siberian

About and hour into the parade David and I left the girls with his parents and headed to Houston! 
I had surprised him the night before with tickets to see Trans Siberian Orchestra for our anniversary (a few weeks early). I had planned on us eating at The Mason Jar (his favorite restaurant that is ONLY IN KATY) and then head to the concert. His parents were going to keep the girls so we could just relax when we finally got home. 
After we ate a great meal, we headed to the Toyota Center and settled into our seats! 
The concert was AMAZING!! It was loud, bright, smokey and AWESOME!
I am sure that it is in the contract of all of the band members and singers that they must have hair as long, if not longer, than mine. All of them had LONG straight mostly blonde hair. 
The one dark haired singer/dancer really stood out! 

We had a great time. Dinner, concert and then the drive home. All in all a great anniversary, even if it was WAY early!

The B/CS Christmas parade

Sunday after church and early naps, we headed to the Bank of America parking lot to watch the local parade. It always starts off with the Aggie Band so Kyndahl LOVES it! Last year it was rainy and COLD but we still braved it and went with Megan and Micah. This year, it was 75 degrees and sunny... the whole family went! Grams and Papa B met us out there and the girls had a great time. 
 Aggies are Kyndahl's favorite of course!

 but she always enjoys a good "Cat in the Hat"

 WHOOP!! GIG' EM AGS!! Cotton bowl bound!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas in the park... walk through

Have you ever tried to get a 1, 2, and 3 year old to pose and look at the camera AND SMILE at the same time... doesn't work so well!

 But they had fun as we walked through Central Park on the weekend BEFORE the park celebration... it was advertised that they were doing both weekends of entertainment and free hay rides but once we got there we were informed that is was only one weekend. And we were a week early...
 The girls still liked to see the lights so it was not all a waste! Here's to trying NEXT WEEKEND!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving baths

Who knew that colanders and measuring cups and spoons could be so much fun! 
We had to get the second set just so they could all play!! 
They had a blast... 


 My little legacies hanging out at the sorority house for the Thanksgiving dinner... well that was the plan until the cook forgot to start the turkey until 30 mins before dinner time. So, we hung out for a little while and then headed to Carnios to actually eat!!