Sunday, December 5, 2010

Trans Siberian

About and hour into the parade David and I left the girls with his parents and headed to Houston! 
I had surprised him the night before with tickets to see Trans Siberian Orchestra for our anniversary (a few weeks early). I had planned on us eating at The Mason Jar (his favorite restaurant that is ONLY IN KATY) and then head to the concert. His parents were going to keep the girls so we could just relax when we finally got home. 
After we ate a great meal, we headed to the Toyota Center and settled into our seats! 
The concert was AMAZING!! It was loud, bright, smokey and AWESOME!
I am sure that it is in the contract of all of the band members and singers that they must have hair as long, if not longer, than mine. All of them had LONG straight mostly blonde hair. 
The one dark haired singer/dancer really stood out! 

We had a great time. Dinner, concert and then the drive home. All in all a great anniversary, even if it was WAY early!

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  1. Now if they could only come to NC to celebrate their anniversary again this year! I am so blessed to have such a talented daughter~Rebekah seems to do it all, and is a pro at birthday parties and blogs!