Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer birthday parties

It started with Baby Kendell's party and then Tyson's at Powersports. She loved her Super hero shirt and getting to just play at the gym. Then Mila's and Braxton's parties both had big water slides but she was more interested in just playing in the water. At Braxton's they had a jeep she could drive (like hers) but unlike at our house, she had LOTS of room to go!!! Fun filled parties and great times with great friends!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Big girl bed

IT was a family affair... putting together her big girl bed. She is so excited!!! She cannot wait to sleep on it, as you can see! Kyndahl has already told us that she can get out of her big girl bed and "come visit" us!!!

Kaylah update

She is well on her way to running for real!! She walked all day today! She went from the tv to the door and everywhere else. She is really getting it under control. There are a few times that she is still unsteady but is really getting the hang of it. I am just glad that she got over her fear after her fall at Gma's. I was worried for a little while, but now she has overcome and on her way!

swim lessons....

Swim lessons have been a blast!! I can't wait for round two! Kyndahl is loving the big girl class as much as Kaylah is loving her baby class and her teacher "Miss Whitney"! She is awesome... Kyndahl loves Miss Elizabeth too!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Children's museum

Each Monday after our boot camp, we head to the Children's museum. We have definitely gotten our money out of our membership. We have had many friends joins us there, or just run into them. Many weeks we've gone alone... either way, we have a great time. Both girls LOVE playing and running and not being outside in the heat! Its really been a lot of fun and a great part of our summer schedule! We paint, jump, climb, build, play music and even "fix" the man.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


She ACTUALLY helped this time... she measured and everything! We had a great time making muffins. Both girls LOVE them and Kaylah will actually eat 6-8 of them in one sitting!!! It doesn't even matter what kind they are!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4th Family Fun

We had a great holiday weekend! It was great to see so many family members. Saturday Jeff, Wanda and some of their grandkids were there. Terry had shown up Friday and it was great to hand out with her!! We ran both Saturday and Sunday, it was nice. Trey and Kelsey were there on Saturday and then Anne and Ryan showed up with them on Sunday. Sunday, Papa's cousin Glen and his wife came as well!!! It was a great time! Of course, Gma, Papa, Josh, Brian, and all of us were there. Grams and Papa B even came over on Sunday. Saturday we just hung out and sat on the porch! Sunday we cooked (well I helped some...) and sat on the porch some more. The kids all drove rojo and chased grasshoppers! They had a blast. We had bought some sparklers but Trey picked up some real fireworks. So we woke Kyndahl up after dark so she could watch the show!! She loved it! It was really great weekend... Kyndahl even helped make sopapillas!! Little Kaylah was walking really well and then Sunday morning she fell and hit her head on the rocking chair so now won't even take a single step!! Oh well, she will get back on her feet so to speak soon!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


took two steps all alone yesterday and then three today... she is well on her way to running!!! She is just really not into the walking thing... but soon will be chasing after her sister on foot and not on hands and feet since she doesn't crawl on her knees anyway!! She bear crawls most of the time!! Crazy little thing!