Tuesday, April 28, 2009

38 week check up... and more

Nothing exciting to report, dilated to a 1 with little softening... No big deal! Just had to remind Dawson that our c-section was next week, not the week after! So the real count down begins... 7 days until Peanut makes the big appearance! Mom will be here Monday night and G-ma and Papa Chuck should be here Tuesday morning. We have to be a the hospital at 9:30 but c-section not scheduled until 11:30. I guess we are ready... right??? As Aunt Sally says, " two kids are MORE than twice the fun!!".

Kyndahl is very Daddy clingy today and fussy because of two teeth just came in up top and two big ones coming in on bottom!! Makes for a fun night!

TAKS: 1st day down, 3 more to go!! Hopefully the kids are getting some rest in the "tornado" weather!!!

Don't you love the new look of my blog... thank you Cousin Shelley!! I love it!

Monday, April 27, 2009


The weather was finally great so we thought we would take K swimming at Gram's pool before I couldn't go for a while!! Being me and not thinking, I didn't think about how cold the water would be!! So we met Craig, Ashley and Maddie at the pool and headed to jump in... but it was freezing!! We all got in and had a great time but shivering most of the time! A great time really was had by all, even though we were a little chilly!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kyndahl and Mommy get some sleep

Since I did not sleep Tuesday night, David really thought I should take an Ambien last night! So we finally got Kyndahl down after a marathon of in and out of her room, potty, drink and playing. Once she was out, she was OUT!! She finally got some sleep!! Then I took my Ambien about 9:15 and by 9:40 I was a little loopy so headed to bed! I slept GREAT! But this morning I felt odd... very foggy in the head!! But I feel better now. I think I will try taking a half of a pill tonight instead of a whole one!! Hopefully Kyndahl will go down easy tonight and sleep again so Daddy will sleep better!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kyndahl to the dr...

After not sleeping at all on Tuesday night (David got 2 hours and I got almost 3 hours), we decided we had to get Kyndahl to the dr today. She is stuffy, sneezy, dopey, grumpy and all the other dwarfs combined... and snotty if that was a dwarf name!!! Because of all the drainage, she threwup all in her crib when I put her down Tuesday night. Then I held her in our bed for over 3 hours and she was up and down. Then David had her until 4am, while she was dancing and playing. Then I got her back from 4:30-6:30... fun night for all!!! She was afraid to lay down because she cannot breathe and doesn't want to throw up again... it really scares her when she does!! It's like she's choaking!!! So today I made an appt for 3:10 this afternoon. I left school early and got her up from a short nap when I got home. She is a little dehydrated and has not had a wet diaper or tee teed in the potty all day until right before our dr visit. Dr henderson said Kyndahl has an ear infection on the right side and sinus infection too! She is on antibiotics for ten days and should be feeling better in 2-3 days!! Hopefully tonight is a better night! We all need the sleep!

Happy Birthday to Gram's!! Hope Kyndahl wasn't too bad today!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

37 week dr appt....

BP was great and no weight gain this week... so all is well! Kyndahl went with us and got to hear Peanut's heartbeat.... she was concerned about what that crazy man was doing to mommy!! So we go back next week for our last visit before our c-section! Time has flown by and there is still so much I have to get done. David thinks I am crazy but I would feel totally disorganzied if Peanut came home right now. The clothes from the attic are not rewashed, there is not a changing table set up in our room, the bassinet is full of STUFF???, and really nothing is "set up". The carseat and base are still in the attic as well as the swing and bouncy seat... lots to get down and washed in 1 1/2 weeks!!! Plus K is not feeling well so it makes it even more crazy! David told Dr Dawson that I had to start sleeping at least some, so he gave me Ambien... we'll see how that goes!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The weekend...

Right before bed we headed outside to blow bubbles in the sunshine!! Glad the rain finally stopped, wish I had felt better to enjoy it more!

We had a good weekend. Saturday night Maricia came to keep Kyndahl so David and I headed to Houston to eat at the Mason Jar. It was a nice get-a-way after the long week we have had getting K down at night. She is REALLY CLINGY right now to me so putting her down at night has been a real issue! But David and I had a great dinner and then came back late... then I got SICK late that night... not sure what the deal was but it was not a good night. Sunday I spent the day relaxing (not eating) and trying to feel better, so I took two naps when K took hers : )

Potty training is going well... she tee tee's in the potty at least once a day. And last Monday she poo pooed in the potty!! Only someone who really understands kids would understand the excitement!!

Hanging out in her rocking chair... Kyndahl's new place to play and get herself in trouble!

Friday, April 17, 2009

This is what happens..

when Daddy fixes his daughter's hair!! Gotta love it... she did!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baby Boot Camp Mommy Celebration

Since there are so many of us who have just had or are about to have new little ones, Kathy and Lora wanted to get us all together to celebrate. We headed to Abuelos for dinner and had a great time. David ended up having to come get Kyndahl, even with a late nap, she was too tired! But we still had a great time. After dinner, some of us decided we needed dessert from It's a Grind! Kathy and Tyson, Anne and Eli, Lora and I headed over and had a great time sitting, eating and talking. It was great to get to really talk, we are usually so rushed after workout that it makes just talking hard! I had a great time... we really need to do it more often

36 week dr visit

Today we had a usually boring dr visit. My blood pressure was great: 124/78 and I gained 2 lbs!!! The nurse that took me back had me undress from the waist down but when Dr Dawson and the medical resident came in, he said that they must not know I am having a c-section because he won't check me. The resident measured my stomach (33-34 weeks) and helped me sit up. "Trish" apparently did not put me on his surgery list so I had to tell him when my c-section was scheduled. That was it! All Dawson asked was if the baby was ok! When we checked out we confirmed my next three appts... but for the third time they did not have one of them in the books... at least this time we checked beforehand and it wasn't a surprise when we showed up!! Things have really been crazy up there this time around?!??! So the count down begins... three weeks until Peanut's arrival!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


We didn't do much but rest in the morning. Kyndahl got her Easter baskets from mommy and daddy, nana, and grandpa and Jill. She was more interested in the hangers than to what else there was. Then we headed to Grams and Papa B's house to have a late lunch and have family time. Marc and Melissa and Nana and Papa were there too! Kyndahl put on a show and ran up and down the trailer again today! She has had a long weekend, as have I, so we came home about 5:30 and got her fed and into bed early! Hopefully we will have a better night than the last two! Happy Easter to all!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter egg hunt...

There were kids and parents, eggs and food everywhere! In total there were 11 kids and 23 adults (parents, friends, grandparents). I think a blast was had by all! We missed some of our friends (Aubrey, Will, Kaylee and Kara) but hopefully we will see them all soon! Initially we kept everyone inside while the daddies hid the eggs and when everyone arrived, we set them loose! With age ranges from 15 months to 8 years old, it was crazy!! Kids were running everywhere! Richard Anthony found the special egg for a prize!But no one seemed unhappy with what they had! Confetti eggs were a HIT! After the egg hunt, there were hamburgers and hot dogs before we decorated cupcakes for everyone! Apparently all I really needed to decorate was the trailer because kept many of them occupied for most of the time after the hunt! I really hope that everyone enjoyed themselves as much as Kyndahl and I did. Maybe we should make this a tradition!! The kids really seemed to have fun and hopefully slept well, even with all the extra sugar!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sprinkle for Peanut

Friday (Good Friday), Re and De threw me a "sprinkle" for Peanut. There were LOTS of chocolate covered strawberries to be had, if you could get to them before me! Since there were lots of kids, we opened presents outside! They played in the bubbles and with the huge balls while all the mommies sat and talked. I got tons of diapers (awesome!!) and more fun stuff for the new little one. It was nice to get to sit and relax and actually talk to everyone without having to worry about when the bell rings or whatever else is usually going on at school! I really enjoyed myself and it was great to get to see everyone. Mom and Grandma were even here to help celebrate. Miss Holly and Prissy even brought Kyndahl a fun gift just for her so she would not feel left out. Keeli added that she would be bringing Miss K and "special big sister" gift because they are so unappreciated sometimes!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Richard Anthony's 2nd Bday

Today we had Richard Anthony's 2nd birthday party at the Castlegate park. There was a clown there making balloon animals and flowers. Kyndahl was not interested in those balloons, she wanted the ones tied to the railings as decorations... she really did not understand that the "ladybug" she was holding was a balloon!! Finally Rick and Sheppard gave her regular ballons and she was more than happy. She played on the slide and in the "rocks" and had a great time. Baby Mary was there and Kyndahl kept trying to get someone to let her hold the 'baby'... she is obsessed! But all in all, I think they all had a blast.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


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Jump Jump

Instead of taking 4 kids under 3 out to dinner, we decided to meet at Craig and Ashley's for CJ's BBQ. The kids had a blast playing in the backyard and in the jump-a-round ball blow up thingy.. and yes that is the technical name, I am sure of it! They flew kites, played on the swing, threw the huge balls, and even road a few "bikes". Kyndahl would love it if we had a yard that big!!! It was great to see Kim and Aaron and to actually get to hang out with Craig and Ashley. It seems that we all get so busy that we don't have time to just hang out and talk... and that's with us only having one kid!!

Crazy Saturday!

Today we had a packed schedule and Kyndahl held out for a long ride. First I had an ADPi house corp meeting that lasted 3 plus hours, David had to work, so Milissa had K. Then I rushed home to get Kyndahl fed, dressed and in the car so we could head to NZ for Elice's wedding shower. It was just in time for K's nap so I took everything out there hoping she would nap there... no such luck. She did a great job entertaining everyone though and even got Holly to take her on the slide. Luckily she was really good even though she was really tired but we still had dinner with the Valka's and Starling's... will she make it?? We left NZ about 4pm and headed home. Kyndahl thought about nodding off a few times but kept waking back up. She got really fussy right before we got home, she had to have a nap. So I did the unthinkable and put her down for a nap about 4:20... she slept until about 5:15 and we got dressed and headed to Craig and Ashley's!