Saturday, April 4, 2009

Crazy Saturday!

Today we had a packed schedule and Kyndahl held out for a long ride. First I had an ADPi house corp meeting that lasted 3 plus hours, David had to work, so Milissa had K. Then I rushed home to get Kyndahl fed, dressed and in the car so we could head to NZ for Elice's wedding shower. It was just in time for K's nap so I took everything out there hoping she would nap there... no such luck. She did a great job entertaining everyone though and even got Holly to take her on the slide. Luckily she was really good even though she was really tired but we still had dinner with the Valka's and Starling's... will she make it?? We left NZ about 4pm and headed home. Kyndahl thought about nodding off a few times but kept waking back up. She got really fussy right before we got home, she had to have a nap. So I did the unthinkable and put her down for a nap about 4:20... she slept until about 5:15 and we got dressed and headed to Craig and Ashley's!

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