Monday, March 30, 2009

Back to school

Today was the first day back after spring break and you can tell the kids are starting to wind down for the year... they were crazy! We got 4 new students today... at a school our size, that is insane! We added two to our smallest class, it went from 12 to 14!! All in high school so they add to already fun English classes!! Only two withdrew over the break and they were in junior high!!! But all in all, not a bad day. I have a huge headache but I think it's more the weather than the kids... I think! LOL!! And I realized today that I have no more than 6 weeks until Peanut is here!!! That's if Dawson lets me go as long as I want to... I am thinking he wants the c-section the week before I do. I guess we will battle that out next week! 35 week appointment is April 7th! The count down has begun... I must look like I am miserable... I have had several people comment on that today, but really for the most part, I feel good!

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