Monday, March 23, 2009

33 week dr appt.

Monday we had our 33 week check up. I have gained about a pound a week and blood pressure is still great. Then we waited to an hour to see the dr. But at least that gave us time to get to talk to everyone else. Kristen, the sono tech, said we would eventually learn to juggle both kids, since she has twins she really knows! Vicki, my nurse prac, came to talk to David about concrete and as always has great stories to tell. David and her got to talk a lot last week when he had the hair removal lazer thing done and since she was covering for Dawson while he was on vacation, she had lots to say! Then Doss stopped by to say hello and can't believe we only have 7 weeks left of "round two"!! And Melissa, Doss' nurse, stopped to talk about her little one and how she should have thought about a second one before she had a toddler... Finally we saw Dawson an hour late and all is well. Glucose test was good so nothing new to report. We will set my c-section date when we go back in two weeks!! Every two weeks now, which means its really getting close!

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