Thursday, March 26, 2009

So much for a nice spring break...

It has rained or just been nasty everyday this week. We have actually had our work out class in the mall it's been so yucky... Not only can we not go to the pool, we cannot even go to the park. We tried the park on Tuesday but it was windy and then Kyndahl found some rain water in the tunnel and got soaked so we came home just in time for the down pour. But at least we have been getting out to see our friends at Baby Boot Camp, without that I would probably be going crazy!

Today we had a visit from Amy and Landon (I know, I forgot to take pictures!!) and that was fun. Both currently being only children makes sharing lots of fun. Kyndahl really wanted to love on him but then he touched her horsey and that was it! She of course wanted anything he had and would just take it away and put it where he wasn't! We all walked to Rosa's for lunch and had a great time! Hopefully they can come play again soon!

Grandma and Papa Chuck are supposed to visit tomorrow, so that should be lots of fun too!

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