Saturday, March 7, 2009

Headed to NZ for a birthday party....

Saturday Kyndahl and I headed to NZ to a surprise party for Erica Jones. Kyndahl had a blast roaming around and playing with Reagan. She really wanted to see the horses and they were eating at the fence, so I walked out there with K and she was so excited until the horse turned to let K pet him... then she jumped and was so scared!! So we continued to want to see the horses but only at a distance! But she continued to wander the yard and pasture and "talk" about and point to everything... poor kid loves the outside and we live in the ghetto so she can't play outside as much at our house!!!
Erica was actually very surprised to see us all! Happy 50th B-day!! But after a quick bite to eat, K and I had to head home for bed! We've been having issues going to sleep at night so maybe being so worn out from running around we will have an easy night. Here's hoping!

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