Tuesday, September 28, 2010

St Thomas September fest

We ended the weekend with another busy Sunday. After church we headed home to change clothes and head out to Sept. Fest. The girls had a great time. Kyndahl rode the horses twice. They both loved the blow up jumpers and the duck pond. Kyndahl got her hand painted and we rode in the train. We have some great videos from the actual video camera (and not just my sony) so its harder to upload but I will try again this evening! Enjoy the pics of what we have for now... maybe Grams got some photos to share too!
After we took our exhausted little ones home for a LATE nap, we had a little extra time before bed to head back to research park and fly our kite. I think they like playing in the grass and dirt more while we are there, but we all had a great time!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Another busy weekend...

This weekend was the kickoff to the Nation Night Out so all of the county firefighters, policeman, and paramedics (TWO MEDICS IS A... RYAN??) Kyndahl loved to look but didn't want to really touch or get in anything... Kaylah on the other hand wanted in and didn't want to get out! We watched the "water show" and ate some sausage wraps. All in all, it was a hot but good morning! 

I won tickets to the peddler show from facebook so that afternoon after naps, Grams, the girls and I headed out the. Not much to see on the inside, but they loved the pumpkin patch! Trying to get them both to look and the camera and smile at the same time is always an issues! But there are some kinda cute ones!

Friday, September 24, 2010



Sunday on our way to fly the kite after nap we went the back way... and I'm so glad we did. We drove by the apartment complex around the corner from our house and saw some toys sitting next to the dumpster.... they looked ok so we stopped. There they were sitting for trash pick up.... a little tykes car, two step slide, a play house with slide and a riding pony!! ALL IN GREAT SHAPE!!! Just a little dusty from being outside. Not even cracked or missing anything! Talk about an awesome find!! They LOVE THEM!!! FYI- the jeep you see we had, the little tykes car was in the front yard for this photo op!

Trying to catch up...

So life has been insane and I am trying to catch up on blogging... I know, I'm sorry! I have several weeks worth of stuff that I just uploaded with more to come of the last few days. 
As many of you know, things have been hard lately with us so trying to stay busy is my best plan! We are ok and dealing but its only thanks to prayers and support! Thanks for all of the well wishes and thoughts!! But now if I could get my computer and my blog to talk to each other I could finish updating but as of now that is not working... 

Let's go fly a kite...

Up to the highest height and send it soaring... I could go on but I won't! At least you don't have to HEAR me sing it!!  Sunday Daddy bought kites to fly... after a failed attempt in the morning at Veteran's Park we headed to Research after naps...

Taking pictures on campus after the game

Won't these be fun on her graduation day!! Just too cute... 

Aggie Game Day Week 2 (Sept 18th)

Aggie kids zone was so much fun for Kyndahl... Kaylah was a little too small but got to jump on the edge. They both really enjoyed it. While waiting in line we saw the band march in and play!! Loved it! 

 Cheesing with Mommy!

 Hanging out at the tailgate with Megan, Micah and Rebel...
 Miss Priss

 Much better than last week... at least we are all looking in the same direction!

Do you see how close we are the the "aggies" She wouldn't take a picture with a corp senior but would stand so we could see their boots in the background. 

 It was really neat to be right there for the run in!! Kyndahl loved the jets then the drums and then the "Aggies"

Pregame on the field!! We decided since our seats were actually on the 3rd deck, that we would sit on the grass in front of the jumbotron. It was great! We got to take pics on the field, Kyndahl could run around and play, we could touch the players as they ran by and watch the band from the field!! She loved it! 

 Gig 'em!
 making faces at the camera!
 Watching that loved Fightin' Texas Aggie band!
 Dancing to the music and acting like a band commander!
 Getting sleepy...