Friday, September 24, 2010

Carnival time (in the ghetto)... (Sept 12)

On Thursday I was up early and on facebook... I know imagine that!! And if I commented on the Shop Brazos post I would win 10 ride tickets to the carnival, so I did. Then I found out the carnival is in the ghetto of Bryan!! Oh well, we still got the tickets and still went on Sunday. The tickets were great- without them we would have spent almost $40 and we ended up only spending $5 (we HAD to have a funnel cake!!!). Kaylah did ride the carosel but since we were both on it at the same time with the girls, we couldn't get a picture (but she was terrified!!). Plus it was great, there were only about 2 other kids at the whole thing, so no lines!
 Can you tell this was her favorite ride... she rode it over and over again!!
 This one, not so much!! It was high and never came down... we had to stop it early to get her off!
 Everyone rode the ferris wheel together! Mommy doesn't like heights all that much so the smile was not happening... but the girls LOVED it!

 She figured out that you could honk the horn on the front and back seats at the same time!!!
They both had a blast, it was next to free, we only stayed about 45 mins and then headed to see Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Tom for dinner! All in all a good day!

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