Monday, September 27, 2010

Another busy weekend...

This weekend was the kickoff to the Nation Night Out so all of the county firefighters, policeman, and paramedics (TWO MEDICS IS A... RYAN??) Kyndahl loved to look but didn't want to really touch or get in anything... Kaylah on the other hand wanted in and didn't want to get out! We watched the "water show" and ate some sausage wraps. All in all, it was a hot but good morning! 

I won tickets to the peddler show from facebook so that afternoon after naps, Grams, the girls and I headed out the. Not much to see on the inside, but they loved the pumpkin patch! Trying to get them both to look and the camera and smile at the same time is always an issues! But there are some kinda cute ones!

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