Thursday, September 23, 2010

Aggie game Take 1

Resting in the shade of the ramp to put on sunscreen and stay out of the sun for a few minutes before heading down to our seats. When we did head down, we were on the 12th row and at the time not many people were in front of us and she was very concerned because we didn't get to go on the field with the Aggies like she wanted to!

GAME TIME!! She thought the jet fly over was amazing... even though she wanted to wear ear plugs. It was hot but she was up and down and met some friends and really did have a good time. The picture of her on her Daddy's shoulders is actually here yelling like Aggies to as the 12th Man. Her "AAAAAA" was quite high pitched but it was adorable!!!

She was enthralled with the band... its the stillest she sat all night! She sat on Daddy's shoulders and was mesmerized! SHE LOVED IT! It helps that that is Daddy's favorite part of the whole thing too!

She loved the Calvary as they were coming in and thought the cannon was great. We took her down as we were leaving and she wanted to take a picture with it! She even got to stand about 10 feet away and here it fire! She didn't want those silly boys standing in her picture but Mommy and Daddy were ok!

As we were leaving, she wanted to pose for these pictures...
she thought "the dog" was way too cool

and these just looked like fun... we actually have four of these because she had to take a picture with each one, not just the whole thing!

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