Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Day in San Antonio

KayLeigh stops to pose with her favorite uncle... and me! She is getting SO TALL... not from our side of the family!Everyone gets to pose with Kaylah!!

She was so tired that she fell asleep with Uncle Michael watching the parade!!

Even JJ's au pair, Nancy got to pose for a picture!

JJ and family come to B/CS Nov24th

Tuesday JJ and the family pulled into College Station. Aunt Marilyn came to visit and watch the girls play. Than we headed to Rosa's (of course!!!!) for dinner. Stacey, JJ's college roommate, and her family drove in from Houston to eat dinner. Afterwards, the plan was to put the girls to bed and leave our husbands with them while we found bday invites for Kyndahl's party BUT... instead, David and I ended up at the ER with Kaylah. Poor baby threw up 10 times in an hour and dry heaved just as many! She was so pale that you could see EVERY vein in her body! They gave her something we waited to see if she could keep it down... and she did. So back home we went and all is ok. Who knows what that was all about, but she slept with us and was great the next day!Coordinating cousins... Kyndahl matched too but refused to take a picture!
Funny how they were all bought at Target but the one JJ bought in the North is long sleeves!!
MY Kenna loved the jumperoo! She just still needs a phonebook under her feet til she gets a little bigger!

G-ma's House

Saturday we headed up to g-ma's after lunch at Texadelphia! David and I decided to stay the night so JJ could go to the tu game and she let us be the first to keep McKenna!! She was good- she loves her Tia!Matching as usual!
Coordinating outfits... McK's tights are brown too! Laying there all nice and sweet until...

Attack of the KYNDAHL!!

CHEESE!! Don't you just love her new smile!

JJ's birthday "party" in Austin

Kim and JJ... with generation #2.

Jamming out with Caleb!!

My room...

Is finally finished!! Sad huh! I am so not a normal elementary teacher so it has taken me a while to get it all done but I really love it! If you stand in the middle and turn a complete circle then this is what you see!!

Sweet Potatoes

This face is very familiar... didn't her sister look like this for sweet potatoes? But now she loves them!!

Aunt Terry and Uncle Mike come to Texas

Everyone met in Rockdale at David's favorite mexican food place (if you heard me tell the story, you could hear the sarcasm in my voice about his love of the place)!! It seems to be the only place that we can see them, so we make the trip when they are in Texas... hopefully sometime soon, we can actually hang out and see them for longer than a dinner!!Below are Kyndahl's "smiley"s that she took... some really aren't too bad!!


She had a BLAST at the carnival... she actually asks to go back all the time. The only issues is, that it is now gone but she still BEGS to go! I cannot believe that she went on the Ferris Wheel with Daddy and loved it! It was so high and fast... I don't remember them going so fast!!

She loves to drive anything, so these cars were the BEST!