Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fire Trucks

Tuesday nights kids eat free at Chick-Fil-A and if you go to the new one on Texas Ave in College Station, they have fun things for the kids to do from 5-8pm. Tonight they had fire trucks that the kids could climb in and look around. Kyndahl loved the lights but DID NOT like the "mascot". It was a big dog dressed like a fireman and she thought it was scary! But she liked to "drive drive" the truck all by herself!David and her climbed in the "back seat" and she touched the helmets and jackets they wear. The firefighters were really great about showing her all the fun hoses and latters. They even posed for a pictured with Kyndahl and David.

While we were there, eight Black Hawks and two Chinooks flew over! She loved watching them and wanted "more" to come!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Matthew turns 5!

My god son turned 5 on July 25 and we had a party at the Bounce! Kyndahl had a good time playing with Peyton in the balls
and on the toddler area slide....
but then decided she needed to climb the big kid slide!

She did great climbing up and then sitting down to slide but once she started down the BIG slide, she flipped over on her tummy and came on down! We had a great time! HAPPY BDAY MATTHEW! WE LOVE YOU!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Swimming in the front yard

Lots of fun in the sun!! We have had a blast playing in the pool in the front yard. Kyndahl absolutely loves it! She even likes to sit in it empty when we go outside. One day we actually took out all her safari animals and they had to play too! Then Gizzy and Spike had to play on the next time out! Kaylah sits in her bouncy and watches all the fun sister has! Kyndahl would go from the pool and take a break to ride her "bike". Its really cute when she rings the bell. One of the days we decided to water the yard while we were plyaing in the pool so we got the sprinkler out. Kyndahl kept saying it was "raining". She thought is was really funny and "tickled" when she touched it with her hand!! Kyndahl will finally laying down in the pool and will even blow bubbles in the water.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day 09

She adores her Daddy!
Playing Wii just like Daddy!
Loving on Papa B
And Daddy... aren't they cute in their matching dresses! Don't you just love that smile! Happy Father's Day David! Love you!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Texas Reds Fest

Was hot hot hot! We headed out to the Red Fest with lots of sunscreen and water. We didn't eat any steak or drink any wine but Kyndahl had a blast at the kid's section. She loved the petting zoo... rabbits...

Horses, ducks, mini pigs and so much more!

Plus she got to sit on the steps of the real train!
Being silly with Uncle Marc!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day at Library

There was a "carousel horse" at the library today... so we had to go. Kyndahl is obsessed with "neigh neigh"s right now! She neighed all the way to Austin and back! There were also roosters and the police K9 unit. Everyone put on a show and she had a blast! It is so much fun to get to go to all of these things with the girls. I wish I could do it all year round!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pool with KayLeigh and JJ

It is HOT in TEXAS! Kyndahl loves the water so we thought we would take her and KayLeigh swimming and cool down. I had to get in a swimsuit just in case K would not let KL take her in... and I ended up spending most of the time in the water. But it is ok, it is hot and it was nice to cool down. Kay and JJ sat with Grams and watched us play. We all had a good time but K was hungry and tired and ready to head home after about 30 mins!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Children's Museum

We finally made it to the museum! Sally and I tried to take her last week but did not know exactly where it was... I was a little confused and had been given some bad information about the location. So after a little research, KayLeigh, JJ and I took the girls and became official museum members. Kyndahl had a blast in the grocery store and in the two and under room.

KayLeigh painted the VW bug and had fun climbing the rocket ship with Kyndahl. We listened to Reading Rocks and they read Kyndahl's favorite book... "I can do it".
But her actual favorite part was putting coins in this and letting them go round and round! She laughed and laughed!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


we all crave it and have to have it while in Austin. Plus it gave us all time just to be a family and not have to rush around to get things done and see everyone! But we have to take pictures before everyone heads back out of Texas to... North Carolina, Maryland and Connecticut.

KayLeigh's Big Sister shower

Kim, Sally, Carol and I threw JJ and KayLeigh a baby shower at Carol's house. It was great to see everyone, Shelley's mom came! It was a great surprise and it was great to see her! I set up a scavenger hunt for KayLeigh and her and her friends really enjoyed it, I think! They got some great gift and now we will get them loaded in an extra suitcase to get them to Maryland!
The three of us have lots of pictures... but are they all at Carol's house??? LOL!
Surely we have family pictures else where, right???

Hanging out at Gma and Papa's House

We headed to Grandma and Papa Chuck's house Friday the 12th to meet up with JJ and KayLeigh. It was a cramped ride to Austin with Sally, David, Kaylah, Kyndahl and I all in the Explorer! But we made it! KayLeigh ended up having a fever and went to the dr for a flu test. We had mexican food for dinner of course and then sat on the back porch to watch the lighting. Kyndahl headed to bed as usual and JJ and Sally snuck into the room to sleep later. Kyndahl got up at her normal 3:15am craziness and saw JJ. . . and said "HI"! They headed to the kitchen when she wouldn't go back to bed, so David and I joined them. We all sat and talked til she went back to sleep about 4am. Then everyone went to bed except me who had to ffed Kaylah as she got up, perfect timing huh! Saturday Kyndahl was up at 6:45am!! She is used to it being really dark in her room, so sunrise got her up!! She played with a frog and rode around with KL and Bryan.

Then KayLeigh taught her to eat cornflakes and ranch while Kaylah hung out with Papa.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dinner at the fountain

We met Grams, Papa B, Nana and Papa G at the fountain for dinner at Blue Baker. Kyndahl loves running around and watching the water. It is hot but a good evening breeze was blowing. We love taking walks in the afternoon right before dinner.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Kaylee's 2nd Birthday Party

Kaylee's Party was so much fun. The kids had a blast. They all loved to jump on the trampoline and the Little Tykes car was a hit! They all cooled off in the water from time to time but had a ball just running and playing. Kyndahl loved the cupcakes!! She carried her's around for about 20 minutes as she played, she ate! They are all getting so big! Luckily it is summer and I can see all of the BBC mommies and kids on a daily basis! Hard to believe it has been about a year and a half since we all met!