Friday, June 26, 2009

Swimming in the front yard

Lots of fun in the sun!! We have had a blast playing in the pool in the front yard. Kyndahl absolutely loves it! She even likes to sit in it empty when we go outside. One day we actually took out all her safari animals and they had to play too! Then Gizzy and Spike had to play on the next time out! Kaylah sits in her bouncy and watches all the fun sister has! Kyndahl would go from the pool and take a break to ride her "bike". Its really cute when she rings the bell. One of the days we decided to water the yard while we were plyaing in the pool so we got the sprinkler out. Kyndahl kept saying it was "raining". She thought is was really funny and "tickled" when she touched it with her hand!! Kyndahl will finally laying down in the pool and will even blow bubbles in the water.

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