Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving baths

Who knew that colanders and measuring cups and spoons could be so much fun! 
We had to get the second set just so they could all play!! 
They had a blast... 


 My little legacies hanging out at the sorority house for the Thanksgiving dinner... well that was the plan until the cook forgot to start the turkey until 30 mins before dinner time. So, we hung out for a little while and then headed to Carnios to actually eat!!

More play time

 Now Kyndahl was sick but Kaylah felt better so Kenna got to come play for a little while... LOTS of "K's" by the way, hard to keep them all straight!! LOL
Kenna loved Kyndahl's big girl bed
 They all had a great time playing instruments and listening to music.

They really do have a lot of fun together... wish Kenna was closer so that they could really grow up together!!

Cousin fun times

Poor Kaylah was sick and didn't get to play much but Kyndahl and McKenna had a great time at Grams and then at the park. Kyndahl got to stay home from school to play with Aunt JJ and "MyKenna". 

 Its so much fun to see them together... it's really funny how nice Kyndahl is to McKenna. She wants to help her do everything and shares all her stuff with her. Kyndahl loves to hug on her and tries to pick her up... but then McKenna doesn't like any of it so much... she likes to scratch Kyndahl's face or pull her hair instead!! I actually wish Kyndahl was as sweet to Kaylah!! Hate that they live so far away... loved seeing them the last two weeks!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rock N Roll Half Marathon

Saturday after JJ landed we had to hurry down to the Alamodome and pick up our packets... 
and our shirts, well and buy another one too!
 5:45 am on the buses headed to the starting line...
Shelley (our cousin's wife), JJ and I
 Meeting up with Shelley's other cousin Vanessa
 In our corrals heading forward to the starting line....
We made it! JJ in 2 hrs 12 mins
Shelley and I in 2 hrs 30 mins


Sunday the 7th we loaded the girls up after naps and headed to the carnival!!! They had a great time... once they get a little older, we are going to have to invest in the armbands... they could have stayed all day if we would have let them!!
 They both LOVE the super trucks!!

 Not one of Kaylah's favorites!!

 Waiting patiently!

 Grams got to ride a few with them!


 this is Kaylah yelling at me because she DOES NOT want to get out of the "truck"!!!
 Gig 'em!
 Riding by her big self, and loving every minute of it!!