Wednesday, December 30, 2009

5 Generations

Generations 1 and 5...
Throwing snowballs at mommy!

Saying Cheese with Mama Jettie
Giving bye-bye kisses


Hanging out in the barn on the hay!!Trick riding Sweetheart
Waving to mommy
Helping Nana brush the ponies

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Snow Boating...

Picture of mom's cabin through the treesNana's moon, Kyndahl's is in Texas on Banks Street
Kyndahl being a big girl and riding by herself.... on her SNOW BOAT!
Mommy and Kyndahl coming down the big hill
Mommy and a cold Kaylah!
Sisters sledding in the driveway

Sledding in Nana's driveway... no wonder the cars were stuck!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Hanging out at Nana's Cabin

The girls...Taking cousin pics... too many cameras... hopefully someone got one where they were all looking in the same direction... you would think we would have thought of that!!

Everyone posing!
The "big kids"
Sharing her ice... she is so cold from sledding!!
Making cookies with our new cookie cutters!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Anniversary Dinner

6 years and still going strong! Our 1st anniversary, we spent at the River House in NC. It is an amazing bed and breakfast on the New Fork river. They have an amazing chef and the food was AWESOME... so 5 yrs later, we went back for dinner. JJ and Michael were supposed to go with us but cancelled so G-ma and Papa got to go. Dinner was great as was the company!
6 yrs, 2 girls... all well worth it. If you had told me 8 yrs ago that I would be this happy now, I would not have believed you! I have an amazing husband and thanks to him, I have two awesome little girls!!

Sunday at the nursing home...

Gma and Papa and the girls!Rebecca and Scotty hanging out with K2!
The cousins... not missing too many of us! Just Sally, Doug and David... right??
Mom, Glen, Gma, Aunt Hessie and Mama Jettie
Kaylah... being silly!
The only one with his eyes open...
Little Lou and K2
Trying to take a family pic...
5 generations...

3 Generations

Christmas "Day"... a little late

Since there was no electricity at mom's, no one had done much Christmas morning. So we opened gifts and stockings on Sunday morning. A little late, but who cares, right?!?! Kyndahl giving Nana her book.
KayLeigh and McKenna opening their present from Grandpa Bill.
Kyndahl showing us her new horseshoe ring
Looking rough after a late night of snow (ice) ball fighting!!
Giving Nana her ornament she made
Helping her Aunt JJ put on makeup