Saturday, December 5, 2009

Poor Baby... Kayla's 7 months old!

So it's been kinda crazy with the little one lately! We started giving her cereal last month and have had some trouble with it. The first time, she didn't get sick but who knows how much she really even got in her!! The second time she had oatmeal, I had mixed it with some prunes. She threw up twice in her bassinet. I checked the date of the prunes and they were expired by a week... so I chalked it up to that. Then the Tuesday before Thanksgiving when JJ was here, she fed Kaylah some oatmeal... and we spent the evening at the ER with her throwing up for 1 1/2 hrs. But still no connection... until Saturday. Her 7 month birthday, she had oatmeal for breakfast... and 2 hrs later was throwing up again! Great! Now the connection in our heads! I talk to the dr on Monday and his idea is to go back and try rice cereal instead since it is much more gentle and easier on their tummies... so Wednesday afternoon, I did, but very little. 2 hours later, throwing up again!! Called dr again Thursday morning. No cereal at all until blood testing for allergies at one year! So just fruits and veggies for Miss Kaylah! He said I could try meat, but strained meat just grosses me out! Maybe we'll try egg yolk soon! Who knows!!?!??!

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