Thursday, October 28, 2010

We went to pick her up!

Time in the country... where they would LOVE to stay all the time if they could! We drove over Friday after school and left Sunday morning. We had a good time hanging with family and were very ready to see our big girl! 

First trip away from Mommy and Daddy...

Wednesday we let Nana pack Kyndahl up and take her to Austin to G-ma and Papa's house. Not only is she spending the night 3 hrs away, she's spending 2! She has spent the night at Grams' house 3 minutes away and we saw her 12 hrs later... this is over 48 hrs away from her!!! YIKES! I cried everytime she went to Grams'.... wow! But we made it! And as you can tell, she was just fine without me! She slept great, napped great, ate great... geez, I wish it was always that easy. 
The first thing she did when she got out of the car (before she would even go in the house) was to tell Papa that it was time to drive "rojo", so of course they did. Off they went into the pasture.... and that's actually the last thing she did before we loaded her up to bring her home. 

 At Ruth and TJ's they fed the donkeys and chickens and played in the 800 year old trees.

 Not sure my "country girl" is ever going to want to come back to the "city"!!!


 While Kyndahl was at Gma and Papa Chuck's with Nana, we had a night at the Carr's. We ate dinner and put Kaylah down in their play pen while we hung out. But first we had to let the girls play... since they're best friends and all!!! It's funny to see how there is a 9 month age difference but not that much in size!! They were so funny... and posed quite well!!!

Nana's birthday party

 We had Nana and Papa and Grams and Papa B come and eat have ribs David cooked on the grill. They brought cake, mac and cheese, noodle salad and more! We had corn on the cob and grilled broccoli with baked potatoes. Everyone sat on the back porch and watched the girls (and Nana) play on the toys while the cooking continued. It was a great time for all and hope Nana had a great birthday!

Tailgatin' again....

 Wow... hands on her hips and everything... I really need to get this on video because it is hilarious how she swings her hips as she walks!!
 My big girl!!

 Too fast for the camera to keep up with!
 Nice mark on her cheek from where she fell on her snack cup last week
 The people next to where we tailgate had a jumpy!! The girls were invited to play and LOVED it!

 The jets are always one of Kyndahl's favorite parts.... they were REALLY loud this time!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Crazy little girls...

Some of Kyndahl's new sayings...
to Kaylah- "I'm just not going to deal with you right now"
"You wear me out!"
"When I get older, I am going to drive"
"But I'm NOT a princess... "- when told that's not how princess' act!

Kaylah is a noisy little eater and loves to say "mmmmm" and "num num"
While in the back seat with a cone to an ice cream all you hear is... crunch, crunch, crunch, mmmmm, crunch, crunch, num num
When mommy changed clothes she looked at me with wide eyes and said... "num num momma, num num"
She really has started to talk and make animal sounds, more and more each day. Neigh neigh is her new favorite.

Kyndahl is such a big girl... we let her leave yesterday to go to Austin with Nana. They are staying at G-ma and Papa's house until we meet them up there Friday after school. That's two nights in a row away from home... and not only that, ITS 3 HRS AWAY!!!

Ft Stockton stop on the way home

Jana and mom were lifesavers... on Sunday morning they took the girls swimming while we packed and loaded the cars. Not only did the girls LOVE it but it gave David and I a chance to get packed a little quicker without many little hands helping and interrupting! 
Once we were packed and loaded we put the girls in the car and headed to Ft Stockton to meet Grandpa Bill for lunch at K-Bob's. He of course wanted us to stop by and see the goats at his house... we had to make him happy so we headed out to the house! 
Had to have a little piano time before heading out to feed and pet the goats and ride on the tractor. 

 Kaylah LOVED the goats... she kept making a goat call everytime she looked at them!
Two tired little girls were ready for a nap... we loaded into the two cars (girls, David and Jana in one; mom and I in the other) and headed to College Station.