Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ft Stockton stop on the way home

Jana and mom were lifesavers... on Sunday morning they took the girls swimming while we packed and loaded the cars. Not only did the girls LOVE it but it gave David and I a chance to get packed a little quicker without many little hands helping and interrupting! 
Once we were packed and loaded we put the girls in the car and headed to Ft Stockton to meet Grandpa Bill for lunch at K-Bob's. He of course wanted us to stop by and see the goats at his house... we had to make him happy so we headed out to the house! 
Had to have a little piano time before heading out to feed and pet the goats and ride on the tractor. 

 Kaylah LOVED the goats... she kept making a goat call everytime she looked at them!
Two tired little girls were ready for a nap... we loaded into the two cars (girls, David and Jana in one; mom and I in the other) and headed to College Station. 

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