Thursday, October 28, 2010

First trip away from Mommy and Daddy...

Wednesday we let Nana pack Kyndahl up and take her to Austin to G-ma and Papa's house. Not only is she spending the night 3 hrs away, she's spending 2! She has spent the night at Grams' house 3 minutes away and we saw her 12 hrs later... this is over 48 hrs away from her!!! YIKES! I cried everytime she went to Grams'.... wow! But we made it! And as you can tell, she was just fine without me! She slept great, napped great, ate great... geez, I wish it was always that easy. 
The first thing she did when she got out of the car (before she would even go in the house) was to tell Papa that it was time to drive "rojo", so of course they did. Off they went into the pasture.... and that's actually the last thing she did before we loaded her up to bring her home. 

 At Ruth and TJ's they fed the donkeys and chickens and played in the 800 year old trees.

 Not sure my "country girl" is ever going to want to come back to the "city"!!!

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