Monday, October 4, 2010

Great man = Great loss

Our trip to Midland was a sad one. We lost a very close friend too soon. Beaux was more than mom's former employer, he was more than KayLeigh's godfather, he was an amazing, giving man. I cannot count the times I know he helped me out of a "trouble" or just did something that was over the top. Be is a man that helped many and asked for nothing in return. He was there when I needed him... always! He will be missed by so many, especially those of us who admired him so! 

Grandma and Chuck made the trip out to Midland. G-ma kept the girls while we went to the memorial service. Can you tell these girls LOVE their great-grandparents!!

 Playing cars at Mrs. Kathy's house... man you would have thought they had never played with a car before!
 We met Amanda and her two boys at the "jumping place" for the kids to play. It was great... they had a blast and Kyndahl even climbed the walls by herself!!

 Kaylah had a BLAST... there were enough little areas that she could jump too!

 Wiggle cars are so much fun! Kyndahl wanted to bring one home!

 A beautiful West Texas sunset
 Loving on Mrs. Kathy.... she even made fried okra just for me!!! She's been so good to us our whole lives!! We love you!!! Kaylah and Kyndahl even loved the okra... I remember fighting over it when we were younger!!

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