Monday, June 27, 2011

Boatcallie Cousin day

A fun day in the sun with the Boatcallie clan! 
We had a great day hanging with all of the Boatcallie cousins... the kids had a BLAST, you would have thought we were at a water park!!!
Hugging Lauren, sweet girls

Splashing out at the bottom

Going head first and upside down... crazy girl!

The Boatcallie version of Splash Mountain!!

Well at least we tried to get this pic... great idea, not great follow through! 

Play date with Michaelsons

Saturday morning we met Mandi and the other two K's at the park for some playtime! 
My crazy monkeys!

My silly Kaylah girl

My pretty Kyndahl

Playing chase on the basketball court

Kyndahl and Kaylee... our big girls! 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mud Day at Peas

Kaylah got to join us at Peas an a Pod. She had a great time, as did Daddy and Kyndahl. 

Daddy was the instigator and ended up getting all the teachers shaving creamed!! 


How many kids can you fit in one race car... 4.... 5, yep 5 buddies ages 2-4. 
Kyndahl, Kaylah and I had a "free" Chick Fila breakfast and then headed to the mall to hang out with our buddies. Kyndahl has been asking to go for weeks so we skipped school this morning so she could play with all of these great friends! 
 Kaylah loves to "drive" all the vehicles but does not like it when they are turned on, hence the reason she is not in on the group shot!

Its hard to believe that Kyndahl was 6 weeks old the first time we met Anthony... he was only a few months old. Now they are the "big kids" of the group!! 
I have met some amazing ladies and kids thanks to Baby boot camp aka Stroller Strong! 
Love you ladies!


 They really just wanted to pose for the camera!
They are so silly. Kaylah is talking much more now and is very independent. She loves to follow sister around and do whatever Kyndahl does. They are so silly together... most of the time they really play well together. But when they fight, they fight. Kyndahl has dished it out for so long and Kaylah is learning to really stand up for herself, Kyndahl better watch out! 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Story time at CS library

 This week we had the pleasure of Joe Joe and Ju Ju joining us and the Michealson girls at the library!

 They were so cute sitting with each other!!
 Dancing with the twins to the Mexican Hat Dance

 This week and next Cat (the twins big sister) is helping put on a puppet show...
 They LOVED it!!!

Loving on her JuJu and JoeJoe... she is not going to be very happy if they really end up leaving!!
It'll be a SAD DAY for us all!!

Opening new parts of the Children's Museum

As members to our local children's museum we got invited to the opening of the new exhibit. Luckily they are starting to redo a lot of exhibits, its needed it!! But this one is a construction zone where the kids get to put plumbing pipes (Daddy was so excited) and boards up in the new "house" and then the invisible force part where balls and scarves so around in clear tubes! They had fun as always!

Silly girl

This is Kyndahl dancing and being silly... the lighting was bad but it was too cute not to get!!

Daddy's Day and Papa B's Bday

Playing in the pool on Father's Day... 

 Loving on Daddy... 
Helping Papa blow out his candles... 
and loving chocolate icing