Saturday, June 25, 2011


How many kids can you fit in one race car... 4.... 5, yep 5 buddies ages 2-4. 
Kyndahl, Kaylah and I had a "free" Chick Fila breakfast and then headed to the mall to hang out with our buddies. Kyndahl has been asking to go for weeks so we skipped school this morning so she could play with all of these great friends! 
 Kaylah loves to "drive" all the vehicles but does not like it when they are turned on, hence the reason she is not in on the group shot!

Its hard to believe that Kyndahl was 6 weeks old the first time we met Anthony... he was only a few months old. Now they are the "big kids" of the group!! 
I have met some amazing ladies and kids thanks to Baby boot camp aka Stroller Strong! 
Love you ladies!

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