Monday, June 13, 2011

The greatest show on Earth!!

SO my pics aren't great but Mandi's were much better!! We just had our little camera so its as good as it gets from a far!! They really did have a great time. It wasn't as "great" as I think it used to be, but it was a circus all the same. Kaylah LOVED the dogs and wanted them to come back. But all either of them talked about once we left was the elephant pooping at the very end... gotta love what they remember!
For some reason it won't rotate... but she was really excited! But thought is was loud so covered her ears half the show

But Kaylah thought is was AWESOME!! She jumped up and down and danced the whole time!

As good as we could get after the show when they were really tired! 

But it WAS Mother's Day so afterwards we headed to Grams' and Papa B's house to eat and hang out. 

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