Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Went to the dr today...

and NO MORE BOOT!! Finally I get to wear two shoes!! It is kinda sore from being "free" all day but I am going to do PT on my own for a month and then when I go back, we will reevaluate it. He was really surprised how well it is doing. He said he was not expecting it to look so good (on x-ray) this early! So after 6 months out of the last year in a boot... I am out (besides the fact that is was falling apart!).

Chasing another lizard

Just gotta love those etsy outfits too... the lizard sure did! This is Kyndahl's "smiley pose"!

Kaylah at Sept Fest

Her poor head... from her headband! But big sister sure does love her!!

She hung out with Aunt Cheryl the whole time... and really got into her thumb!

Just had to add another pic of Kyndahl showing me her "so pretty" hair!

September Fest

Grams, Papa B and Aunt Cheryl met us at September Fest last Sunday. Kyndahl had a great time but was not herself... come to find out, she was running a fever!! But for not feeling good, she still had fun... just looked SO TIRED! Grams said there would be pony rides- these don't look like ponies to me!!
First she rode a horse with Papa...

Then she rode the train...
Then she jumped on the bouncy...

Then rode a horse with mommy....
Then rode a horse all by herself before

Games and a ice flavored sno cone!

Cool kid...

Kyndahl's new obsession is the ice cream truck at the mall. They have class there in the morning sometimes and she thinks "driving" is the best thing ever!! This night we were eating at Chick Fila since if you wore a team shirt, you got a free sandwich... we are all about free!! And we ran into our great friends, Aiden and Cal!

Kyndahl loves to put on my sunglasses and when she does, she walks around saying "cool kid momma". Too cute!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Sitting up by myself!

When I got home from school today, I was playing with Kaylah on the floor and she kept pulling up. I sat her up and there she stayed!!! Kinda in a three point stance, but sitting up none the less. She is getting to be such a big girl!

Breastfeeding in the news

Last night there was a story on one of the news channels about a woman being fired for pumping at work, so she says. It finally went to the Ohio supreme court and they ruled against her simply because she was leaving for an hour without telling her supervisor and other issues, not because she was pumping. But it brings up a huge issue in my mind.... smoke breaks are allowed and common place in corporate America, and as said last night, it kills you. But a mom taking a "pump" break, which is known to be healthier for baby and mom, is unheard of to many across America. There is a congresswoman trying to make it a national law!! Texas does have a "protection" for breastfeeding moms, but not a law. The courts making this decision were also all MALE and as many of you know, the topic, makes many men uncomfortable... not my that is... not before Kyndahl and Kaylah!! I really think this needs to be addressed, and the sooner the better! I have no idea what I would do if I had not worked in a "mom-friendly" position! Plus, how many of us have had to pump in a nasty bathroom... one man last night said it best, "I wouldn't want to eat my lunch in there, so why should we expect them to feed their child there?"

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I love

Another one of my favorite outfits off of, just wish I could get her to sit still or at least look at me to take a decent pic!

nice huh...

Hopefully only three more weeks of the lovely boot... it's been on so long that it is starting to really fall apart! I miss working out, heck I miss just walking!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Disney Live

In amazement...
Dancing to the beat....
On the edge of her seat, when she would try and sit still...

Kathy and Tyson had an extra pair of tickets to Disney live Friday night, so Kyndahl and I stayed up late and went to the show. She LOVED it! As most of you know, my kid does not watch TV unless it is Animal Planet, so she did not know who the characters were beforehand.... but now she does. She danced the ENTIRE time and was on the edge of her seat (as you can see in a picture) the whole time. It was too cute! Wish I could have gotten her on video!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Ankle update...

went to the dr today and had more x-rays. All looks good and I go back in 3 weeks for another x-ray. No such luck for getting out of the boot before then, so we'll see how it goes in Oct! 

Very thankful...

for my family, my wonderful husband, and my job. As many of you know, I found out that a friend of mine from high school, lost her husband in Afghanistan last weekend. To make it even worse, she is expecting their first child at the end of this month. I just cannot imagine!! Labor without David would have been unbearable... but then to not have him at all, would be devastating!!! Sure we fuss and argue, but no one could replace him. I am very lucky to have him and so are my girls! He is such a great daddy and is a huge help with parenting in general. I cannot imagine it any other way. 
I also have two AMAZING little girls! Kyndahl is too smart for our own good! If she's been down a road once and enjoyed where it led, she will always remember what's on that road... as we're driving down Harvey, she says, "go bounce with Kaylee!" She's only been twice!! Or headed to Lowe's with Daddy, she proceeds to tell him that "when at store get cart and ride tractor!" And there, she's only been once!!! Then there is little Kaylah... well not so little!! She just smiles and coos all the time. She loves to talk and gets mad at her toys when they don't talk back. She is really trying to roll from back to front and has officially found her toes and her laugh!!! 
And my job! I do really like it, though I still miss NZ! I have met some great people that I work with and they really make me fell welcome! Even with the new frustrations, I know I am at a better place for me and my family. And I HAVE a JOB! Not everyone can say that these days, but I can and am lucky for it!~ 
So even though I grumble at times, I am healthy and happy. My husband is great and so are my kids. I have a job. All in all, I have a great life! Thank you for being a part of my life!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy 4 month bday Kaylah

Kaylah is 4 months's really hard to believe how quick it has gone! Tuesday we went for her check up and to get two shots!! She did really well considering. She is 24 3/4 inches and 14 lbs, 3 oz. So she is in the 75% for both!! Can you tell she likes to eat well!!! She is really smiley these days and LOVES to chatter. Rolling from back to front is our newest goal and she is getting really close. Her toes are her newest fascination!

More Reunion pics......

Kaylah hanging out with family...she was a hit!

Kyndahl on the stage...any of you who have been to the reunion know about the infamous talent shows we used to put on when we were little, so to see her up there was great!
We stopped by down town Glen Rose on the way out to let Kyndahl see the big horse and to take some pics.

Kyndahl and Kaylah got to swim in the HUGE pool... Kaylah's first swimming trip!

Family pics!

Labor Day Annual Barbee Reunion

For the last 55+ years, the Barbee family has gathered in Glen Rose at the Oak Dale Park for labor day. This year was no different! All in all, there were 43 of us there (a few of the little ones were napping during this picture). It's always fun to get too see everyone and catch up. It's strange to see all of my generation with kids and real jobs as we reminisce about how we used to run around like our little ones are now.
Aunt Winnie Rachel is the last of the Barbee siblings left, and still going strong as she chased Denise down the road to say good-bye.
This is a picture of the "cousins" in order from youngest to oldest.

Kyndahl and Kaylah h
ad a great time too, Kyndahl learned to drive a 4 wheeler all by herself after some ride-alongs.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tired of the ankle...

So I am still in a boot and many of you know that I ended up back at the dr on Saturday because my incision was open. My lovely dissolvable stitches are gone but my incision is not healed! Saturday at the clinic they put on steri strips and bandaged it up and told me to go see the surgeon on Monday. So I left school to run up to my dr office for me to miss an hour of school for him to tell me to leave the strips on it and come back on teh 11th! Very frustrating!! But good I guess because there is no infection. Now we just wait and see if I can take the boot off on the 11th or not... here's hoping! I am so ready to get back to working out, even if I cannot run, I can at least walk fast and get in some cardio. I just feel yuck when I don't get to workout! I MISS BBC!!! Hopefully in a month I can return to the evening baby boot camp even though I will still be missing my morning workout buddies! I have just really been bummed lately because of it... it really seems like if it is going to go wrong with me, it will!! But looking on the bright side, I have two adorable children that I get to see tons more now that I am not coaching or teaching out of town.

School is going well... I like "my special group" (that's the PE, art and music teachers) and my kids are really not bad, it's just hard to get them all going on totally different subjects and still try and direct instruct some of them. I do miss my NZ buddies terribly!!! But this is what is best for my family for sure! And being at the elem. all the time is eye opening. My godson, Matthew, just started kindergarten at Bowen, where I teach. There are so many of our K kids that come to school without any instruction beforehand. They don't know colors, letters, numbers, how to count... nothing. Kyndahl already knows most of her colors, how to count, most of the ABC song, and talks very well. I almost feel sorry for her K teacher already! But enough of the ranting and raving.... I am lucky to have a great job, great kids, great friends and a great family!

One of my fav. outfits...

but she never stands still long enough to really take a picture... can you tell?? I ordered it off of etsy. Its a pinafore and it's adorable! I just wish I could get a good pic of her in it... or anything for that matter! Silly jumping kid!