Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tired of the ankle...

So I am still in a boot and many of you know that I ended up back at the dr on Saturday because my incision was open. My lovely dissolvable stitches are gone but my incision is not healed! Saturday at the clinic they put on steri strips and bandaged it up and told me to go see the surgeon on Monday. So I left school to run up to my dr office for me to miss an hour of school for him to tell me to leave the strips on it and come back on teh 11th! Very frustrating!! But good I guess because there is no infection. Now we just wait and see if I can take the boot off on the 11th or not... here's hoping! I am so ready to get back to working out, even if I cannot run, I can at least walk fast and get in some cardio. I just feel yuck when I don't get to workout! I MISS BBC!!! Hopefully in a month I can return to the evening baby boot camp even though I will still be missing my morning workout buddies! I have just really been bummed lately because of it... it really seems like if it is going to go wrong with me, it will!! But looking on the bright side, I have two adorable children that I get to see tons more now that I am not coaching or teaching out of town.

School is going well... I like "my special group" (that's the PE, art and music teachers) and my kids are really not bad, it's just hard to get them all going on totally different subjects and still try and direct instruct some of them. I do miss my NZ buddies terribly!!! But this is what is best for my family for sure! And being at the elem. all the time is eye opening. My godson, Matthew, just started kindergarten at Bowen, where I teach. There are so many of our K kids that come to school without any instruction beforehand. They don't know colors, letters, numbers, how to count... nothing. Kyndahl already knows most of her colors, how to count, most of the ABC song, and talks very well. I almost feel sorry for her K teacher already! But enough of the ranting and raving.... I am lucky to have a great job, great kids, great friends and a great family!

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