Friday, September 11, 2009

Very thankful...

for my family, my wonderful husband, and my job. As many of you know, I found out that a friend of mine from high school, lost her husband in Afghanistan last weekend. To make it even worse, she is expecting their first child at the end of this month. I just cannot imagine!! Labor without David would have been unbearable... but then to not have him at all, would be devastating!!! Sure we fuss and argue, but no one could replace him. I am very lucky to have him and so are my girls! He is such a great daddy and is a huge help with parenting in general. I cannot imagine it any other way. 
I also have two AMAZING little girls! Kyndahl is too smart for our own good! If she's been down a road once and enjoyed where it led, she will always remember what's on that road... as we're driving down Harvey, she says, "go bounce with Kaylee!" She's only been twice!! Or headed to Lowe's with Daddy, she proceeds to tell him that "when at store get cart and ride tractor!" And there, she's only been once!!! Then there is little Kaylah... well not so little!! She just smiles and coos all the time. She loves to talk and gets mad at her toys when they don't talk back. She is really trying to roll from back to front and has officially found her toes and her laugh!!! 
And my job! I do really like it, though I still miss NZ! I have met some great people that I work with and they really make me fell welcome! Even with the new frustrations, I know I am at a better place for me and my family. And I HAVE a JOB! Not everyone can say that these days, but I can and am lucky for it!~ 
So even though I grumble at times, I am healthy and happy. My husband is great and so are my kids. I have a job. All in all, I have a great life! Thank you for being a part of my life!

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