Thursday, March 31, 2011

Playing with Daddy

SO I couldn't get the photos to turn correctly but you get the gist of it right??!??! I was at a meeting the day they were playing outside. I swear my kids don't usually run around mostly naked with gloves and hats on!! But they were having a blast when I got home... The pics of Kyndahl is her skirt and boots were taken for her cousin Audrey... so they can be alike!!!

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

North Carolina..

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Mom got us a great deal on flights... less than $300 for all three of us to fly to NC for 4 days! The girls had a great time seeing family and hanging out in the mountains!

Carnival was a bust...

The girls usually LOVE the carnival... but this time not so much.
I guess because of the smaller area, they brought all big kid rides and no little kid rides. 
All they could ride was the carousel and the fire truck. They only like the carousel. 

 And Kaylah wasn't even really into that... so we went but it really was a bust! Sad!!

Armadillo Dash...

My plan all along was to do the 1/2 marathon... but with the 6 weeks before being
filled with physical therapy, I decided better of it. I just did the 5K again.
Time was not great but again, PT for 6 weeks can keep you from training!

But I finished and actually listened to my dr for once.... no long runs where my 
toes go numb... got it!


Kyndahl riding her big girl bike! 
She's actually getting the idea of how to do it!! 

 Of course if Kyndahl does anything, Kaylah HAS to follow suit!

Party weekend...

The first weekend in March must have been party weekend... We had three birthday parties and a baptism that we were invited to. Due to trying to get in some sort of nap, we had to miss the baptism but made all three parties in one day.... YIKES! We made it and survived!
 First up was Jacob's birthday party! The girls had a blast running around the gym and chasing their cousins. Kyndahl would stand on stage and yell... "BARENNA"... just to add the southern accent!
 Kaylah had a great time chasing and tackling Justin... she would just laugh and get so sad if he ran where she couldn't follow!!
 Next up we had Madison's 1st birthday party! The girls loved the cookies and balloons!

 Finally we ended our run with Kara Bear's 2nd birthday party! The four of them really do play well together considering!

Of course Kaylee and Kyndahl had Sean opening up every new toy that Kara received!!
It was a whirlwind of a day but they made it... Kyndahl with NO nap and Kaylah survived with a 45 min nap... fun was had by all!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's my birthday...

We had a great turn out at Carino's Friday night for my birthday! We went on the 18th instead of my actual birthday to accommodate friends and family so as many of them could make it as possible! G-ma and Papa Chuck and Josh came over that afternoon and spent the night. Of course, Sally, JJ and the kids were there. The Carr's, Schmitz's, Brewer's, Gibson's, Michaelson's and Valka's (the last 3 minus the daddies) plus Reese and Keeli joined the family and all met up for a great dinner. Food was good and company was even better! Thank you all for making my birthday great!

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cousins in Texas

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We had a great time while everyone was in Texas. Sally and the kids got here on Wednesday afternoon. I met them at the airport before having to head back to school for a meeting. Then when we met up for dinner (Rosa's of course), JJ and McKenna were there!! What a surprise! They played all day Thursday but I took of Friday so we could all hang out. The 3 of us went to an "adult- no kid" dinner Thursday night at Bell Ranch!! We just let the kids play at the house, in the pool and at the park. They all had a great time just playing!!! Aunt Marilyn came over for a while Saturday and then Dad and Jill showed up that afternoon. G-ma and Papa had come over Friday but had to leave early Saturday... all in all, it was a great time with GREAT FAMILY!

Kyndahl's class Valentine's Day Party

I didn't get to go because I had a meeting but Daddy, Kaylah and Grams went to help out. 
Not sure who had more fun, Kyndahl or Kaylah. But she sure did load up on lots of goodies and cards

Valentines Day...

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I know it was a long time ago but I am just now catching up! Valentines was a great day of fun for the girls including a great time at gymnastics and a daddy/daughter date for Kyndahl!