Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Party weekend...

The first weekend in March must have been party weekend... We had three birthday parties and a baptism that we were invited to. Due to trying to get in some sort of nap, we had to miss the baptism but made all three parties in one day.... YIKES! We made it and survived!
 First up was Jacob's birthday party! The girls had a blast running around the gym and chasing their cousins. Kyndahl would stand on stage and yell... "BARENNA"... just to add the southern accent!
 Kaylah had a great time chasing and tackling Justin... she would just laugh and get so sad if he ran where she couldn't follow!!
 Next up we had Madison's 1st birthday party! The girls loved the cookies and balloons!

 Finally we ended our run with Kara Bear's 2nd birthday party! The four of them really do play well together considering!

Of course Kaylee and Kyndahl had Sean opening up every new toy that Kara received!!
It was a whirlwind of a day but they made it... Kyndahl with NO nap and Kaylah survived with a 45 min nap... fun was had by all!

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