Saturday, April 24, 2010

Girls just wanna have fun oh girls just wanna....

Happy 50th Grams! Dinner at Carinos in a decade style... before heading back to her house for the "surprise" part of the party!

The cake was AWESOME... TOTALLY RAD DUDE!! Not to mention it tasted great!

From the "best dressed" hippies to a Pink Floyd groupie... costumes were fun!

"Indie" and the hippie playing with a whip... never could get it to "crack"!!

From Kyndahl spraying water on everyone, including herself, to cutting up with old friends, the party was a success... I think so at least!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Baby Reese's big day

Baby Reese was Christened today! It was an honor to be there to watch and to be able to celebrate with everyone afterwards! We love you all Carr family!! You are the best friends we could ask for and you are doing an amazing job as new parents!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Uncle David's BIG truck...

From the moment they got to our house, all Spency wanted to do was ride in Uncle David's BIG TRUCK... so they loaded up and took a trip around the block...

Riding in the jeep...

The videos are much better... I need to upload them... Audrey and Spencer did a great job of driving and even shifting gears!! Spencer called me a few days after they got home to ask about the jeep and Uncle David's truck!! Anytime buddy, just jump on a plane, we'll take ya!

The Bush Library

Love this pic... it's the slowest she moved all day!

Very tired little ones... I just realized that I posted this totally backwards and the ones at the top are actually us walking back to the car... oh well... they were BEAT and hungry! We left the library and headed to Rosa's (of course) for a well deserved lunch!

She never quits running...

Apparently the cracks are very interesting!!

AM and Spencer playing "If you step on a crack..."

Running and playing around the fish pond.

Where's Kyndahl???

Schedler/Boatcallie Bluebonnet photo shoot

A little later than planned on Friday (since I took the day off to play), we all headed to the Bush Library to take some bluebonnet pictures...
Having some fun picnik-ing photos... kinda cute!

The youngest and the oldest were the most cooperative... they would pose... alone at least!

The ladybugs were really the interest of all of the little ones! And there were tons to catch and let crawl on you!!

They really did try and cooperate... but that's a lot of sitting still for a lot of people at one time!!

Trying to get all four kids to look in the same direction at the same time was a challenge... and that's with six adults jumping up and down for entertainment!