Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Keeli's wedding shower!

 Keeli getting a gift in a diaper box was just awesome!! Is it foreshadowing??!?!! LOL

Crazy little girl! She's so silly!

Does she not look SO BIG in this picture... growing up so fast!! 

Silly girls playing hide and seek under the tables!!

Silly sisters...

They are so silly... they really do get along really well most of the time... the other 20% of the time they fight like crazy. Its so cute when they play great together. They are SO into babies right now. They "babysit" all of their baby dolls daily!!! 
Each of them is very different about the way they talk about the new baby!!! Kyndahl talks to my tummy and rubs and kisses it all the time. She tells it to go to sleep when it is moving lots and has to hug and kiss my belly good-bye each morning.
Kaylah just talks about the baby being in Mommy's tummy. She puts stickers on it and says Flipper is moving all the time (even when she can't feel it). 
I really think they are both excited... still concerned how Kaylah will react to having to share Mommy, so we'll see!

First day of school

 August 22nd was the first day of school... Kyndahl and Peyton headed to new preschools and Matthew started 2nd grade at Bowen with me. 
Kyndahl went to school with me because I could not drop her off until after 7:30 and had to be at my school for first day duty by 7:10. She had a great time being at Mommy's school playing with Mrs. Ashley. 

 My big girl getting ready to walk into her new school... Allen Academy! She LOVES it!! and Mrs. Westbrook.

Walking in like a big girl!!! Getting too big for Mommy... makes me sad to see her getting so independent!
Mommy and Kaylah on my first day of school. 
She is so sad that she can't go to school too!!

Wedding shower...

Kyndahl and Kaylah joined Grams and I to the Mancuso wedding shower... they were really cute in their outfits. They also were very entertaining... posing with Grams for pictures.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Growing girls...

Kyndahl- when you ask her to spell her last Boatcallie, she does the following "M-o-o-d-y slash B-o-a-t-c-a-l-l-i-e" And yes she says slash... she has learned that it says Moody Boatcallie on our wedding sign in our room!! Silly girl!! She also is ready to start Allen Academy in the morning, with a double ear infection!! Hope all goes well!!

Kaylah- Loves singing her ABC's, hearing the LMNOP part is hilarious!! She counts to ten all the time as long as sister doesn't interrupt counting or her singing.

Both are getting so big so quick... oh ya and both are still so excited about Flipper making it's arrival in Oct... Monday Oct 17th about noon to be exact!! Date has been set... 8 weeks!!! Lots to do in 8 weeks, the work begins NOW!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Zoo in Waco

Birthday party at Henderson Harbor...

 Both girls had so much fun... my little fish are getting so brave in (and under) the water!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Baby Keigan

Jana and Mrs. Belinda stopped by today so we could hang out with baby Keigan!! The girls LOVED him so much. Kyndahl wanted to hold him so much. She would "give" him away and then want him right back. Kaylah finally wanted to hold him right before they left. Congrats Jana- he's adorable!!

More swimming...

The last day of each session, the kids get to play... they played in the "baby pool" and had a blast. Kyndahl kept diving and gliding through the water, really started to work on actually swimming. Kaylah was great about going under water with a huge smile!! She also kept "duck walking" and saying, "scoop, scoop" as she was "swimming" through the water! They had a blast!!! As did Sydney and Sophia!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Diving Board Jumping is a new LOVE

Kyndahl Nell

 Kyndahl is now 3 1/2 and has finally gotten her first hair cut! She did great, even though it was a feat to get her to agree! But it looks better and loves to show it off now...

She is such a great big sister at some times... others just the opposite, but she is really ready for the baby to come!She LOVES to hold any baby she can. Kyndahl has told everyone that boys are not allowed in the house (except daddy and papas) so we have to have a girl, because boys are bad. Her newest thing is to "check out" after going to the "store". She fights with her sister over baby dolls and their shopping cart. She likes to carry a purse with lots of stuff in it and makes me laugh at some of the things she says. Daddy is really the only one that can put her to bed and keep her happy about it... but I have to do it more than she likes. After the bible time with sister, her amens are adorable as she thanks God for rainbows, lotion, zebras, and whatever else she comes up with each night. If she earns 4 songs she wants "Raindrops on Roses", "Silent Night", "ABC's" and "The Horse Song" (aka Mr. Ed) and if she can con you into a princess song, she is very happy.