Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kyndahl Nell

 Kyndahl is now 3 1/2 and has finally gotten her first hair cut! She did great, even though it was a feat to get her to agree! But it looks better and loves to show it off now...

She is such a great big sister at some times... others just the opposite, but she is really ready for the baby to come!She LOVES to hold any baby she can. Kyndahl has told everyone that boys are not allowed in the house (except daddy and papas) so we have to have a girl, because boys are bad. Her newest thing is to "check out" after going to the "store". She fights with her sister over baby dolls and their shopping cart. She likes to carry a purse with lots of stuff in it and makes me laugh at some of the things she says. Daddy is really the only one that can put her to bed and keep her happy about it... but I have to do it more than she likes. After the bible time with sister, her amens are adorable as she thanks God for rainbows, lotion, zebras, and whatever else she comes up with each night. If she earns 4 songs she wants "Raindrops on Roses", "Silent Night", "ABC's" and "The Horse Song" (aka Mr. Ed) and if she can con you into a princess song, she is very happy.

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  1. Cam and Gray were nearly three before I finally took them for a haircut. :)