Saturday, December 10, 2011


Then we headed to sorority row with Rosetta, Tinkerbell, an acorn and a peacock!

 After the Carrs left we headed to FBC Bryan and had a great time!

 Cutest little acorn EVER!!

The night ended with Grams and Papa B meeting us back at our house!

Lots of stuff...

 Gig 'em Brayden!

 Both of them LOVE to hold him, Kaylah is just done after a second or two!!
 First bottle
 First time Nana would hold him....

 It was actually cold at the pumpkin patch this year... the girls were none too happy about not wearing their jackets and not having on hoods!!

Brayden's first tractor ride... 
really they are sitting still after his sisters took their ride but he at least got to get in!!

Heading home as a family of 5!