Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Headed to Austin...

to see Harry Potter and Transformers at the IMAX! They were awesome! It was crazy late when we got back to the house but Gma and Gpa Chuck had everything under control! I think they really enjoyed getting to keep the girls... Kyndahl loved it because she got to stay up late! I must be a great wife to get 2 hours of sleep just to see two movies that my husband had to see in the BIG SCREEN!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Playing in the pool...

It was hot and she jumped in clothes and all!! She did not like how the regular diaper felt when it was full of water!!
This is the face she makes every time her ears get in the water! Silly girl!

On my soap box...

So I admit it... I was watching "16 and pregnant, Life after Labor" the other night and the audience was asking questions. One of the questions was why the girls chose not to breastfeed and Dr Drew chimed in, like he would truly understand! All the girls talked about how tiring it was and how some family members had talked them out of it before they even started by talking about how painful it would be. Then Dr Drew said how it was not as "glamorous" as everyone made it out to be and that it was too difficult and then "the baby has to cooperate as well"... blah blah blah! Breastfeeding can be painful and it can be rough but I totally believe it is what is best for my child. It's not glamorous... its natural. I breastfed Kyndahl until 11 months when she stopped because I was pregnant with Kaylah... I plan on breastfeeding Kaylah at least a year. It's totally more convenient... and I think I get more sleep not having to warm bottles or even leave my room!!! Again, I know it is a personal choice but it should be an option that I think everyone should try and Dr Drew telling being almost openly against it was just sending the wrong message in my opinion!!
Breastfeeding is what the pediatricians say is best for your baby and you have a bond with your child that no one else could ever have. It was VERY painful with Kyndahl but it was so worth it! So now I will jump off the soap box and head to bed! Thanks for letting me vent!

Friday, July 24, 2009


is getting so big!! She will not stay on her stomach.... she rolls over so fast! She loves laying on her mat and playing and talking to the toys above her.

Big sister Kyndahl still loves on her as much as she can, sometimes too much! I get a little worried sometimes but know that Kyndahl would never intentionally do anything to actually hurt Kaylah, at least not yet. This picture was taken at Olive Garden after dinner for Papa G's birthday Friday night.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Papa G's birthday

Wednesday evening we went to Nana and Papa G's house for cake and ice cream. Kyndahl played with her babies and then found a new toy...
a gerbil that winds up and spins in a plastic ball... she loved it!
Kaylah hung out with the birthday boy until she decided she was too hungry to stand it anymore!

Mommy's Day Out

Mandi and I decided that Wednesday we would take a day off from the kids... well a few hours at least. We started at La Bodega for lunch and had GREAT tacos and salsa. Then it was off to the mall. First stop was at Tip to Toe for pedicures and eyebrow waxing.
Then cookies from the Great American Cookie Company while we browsed all the shops we thought we might need something from. It is so much easier and quicker to "shop" without strollers and kids in tow. Bought very little but it was nice just to be able to look without having to worry about nursing or a grumpy toddler!All in all it was a relaxing and fun day! Thanks Mandi!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Last night we took the girls to their first rodeo. Kyndahl had a blast! We went early to see the petting zoo and to ride a pony. First we headed to the petting zoo and she loved all the animals. At first, she was a little timid and would not let go of Daddy but soon she loosened up and walked around wanting the animals to "come" to her. Then we headed to the pony ride and were not sure if she would actually do it, but she jumped right on and had a great time!Luckily we got to do all this in plenty of time to find good seats... front row down by the bucking broncs! She loved it... seeing her face in such concentration and amazement was awesome! Kyndahl was so tired but was a trooper simply because she wanted "more" neigh neighs and moo moos the whole time. Kaylah hung in there too in the bajourn and slept most of the time.
Ok so I tried posting a video of her on the pony but twice it took hrs and never loaded... so oh, well... you can see pics instead!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Swim class!

Kyndahl graduated from swim class on Friday! She did SO GOOD... she even went down the big water slide which none of the others in her class would do! She went down three times... her instructor couldn't believe she wanted to go down more than once! NO FEAR! Kyndahl finally started to understand the kicking and "scooping" of her arms and likes to go under water. I think we may do another round of lessons in two weeks, I think it will be more learning and less playing now that she is comfortable in the water!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kaylah Rolled Over!!

She's getting to be such a big girl!! Today was her 10 week birthday and she celebrated by rolling over, and over, and over! Kaylah has already learned that if she pushes up on her arms and lays her head over to the side and kicks, that she rolls over!!! 10 weeks and already amazing us.
This is the outfit that Grandma brought us on July 4th... too cute huh!

it's broke...

again or still, not sure which! My leg that is! I originally broke it in October, right before volleyball playoffs. I was scrimmaging with the girls and landed wrong and broke my fibula at the very bottom, my "ankle". So I was in a boot from then until Feb. 1. Lots longer than most people, but being pregnant and having osteoporosis didn't help the healing process. Then I stayed off it for the most part until March when I started back into "Baby Boot Camp" until I had Kaylah... then didn't do anything again until 4 weeks ago when I got clearance from my Dr. They redid the x-ray 3 weeks ago and said it was healed but still sore from not being very active so sent me to physical therapy and it started getting WORSE not better. Then last week my PT called my dr and reported to him my feeling of it getting worse and they set up an MRI for Thursday. Yesterday I finally talked to the nurse and it is still broken they say... I think I re-broke it actually. There is also a deep contusion (bone bruise) on the tibia. SO.... now no more running or jumping... basically I will still work out but not near as hard as I was!!! YUCK... I was just finally getting back some endurance!

The plan for the rest of the week...
  • Wednesday is Kindermusik so we still take two naps...
  • Thursday after Boot Camp, we are headed to story time at the library with Mandi and the girls before nap. Then lots of errands!
  • Friday after Boot Camp I am sure we will venture out with Mandi and the girls again somewhere?!?!?
  • Either Friday or Saturday night we are headed to the rodeo so Kyndahl can see her favorite... neigh neighs!!!
  • Hopefully get a pedicure soon because I NEED one, at some point
  • Each night we have swim lessons at 5:30 so my big girl is exhausted by bedtime!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Helping Daddy

Kyndahl loves helping Daddy. Tonight she got to help hammer in nails in the new cabinets for the garage. She refused to leave any unused, they all had to go in even if Daddy didn't think he needed them. Then she stood up in the cabinet, very proud of her work!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

truck pics...

So yes I call my suburban a truck, even though my dad thinks that's funny!! But do you really have to say suburban every time??? Truck seems much faster! It's really NOT a car!
Neither David or myself has ever had a totally NEW car or truck, so this is overly exciting for the two of us!! Hopefully you won't get tired of seeing pics!
Today we doubled the miles it had on it!! We were supposed to just go to Huntsville to pick up some cabinets David needs for getting the garage where I can park in it but we ended up having to go to Conroe then the Woodlands to get all of the items he needs! Luckily the girls were both troopers and did great! Now we are all exhausted and I am trying to get all I needed to do today, done tonight!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Crazy day...

Started off with actually being early to bootcamp!!! Then since Mandi and the girls were busy we decided to skip story time and head to Kroger for coffee and groceries! The girls were both really well behaved. We loaded up the car and headed home for lunch, a little play time and nap. Both girls went down right at noon. I had my physical therapy and then an MRI on my ankle. I got home about 3:30 after a quick run to Albertson's for tonight's dinner and they were both still sleeping!! David had an east babysitting gig... both asleep the whole time and I put them both down for nap! They both finally got up after 4 hrs!!! CRAZY! Kyndahl had her snack and I fed Kaylah before changing K1 and I into swimsuits for swimming lessons! She did ok today but still really does not want to let go of me. Re and Ry were at the house when we got home for our weekly "Burn Notice" night, so Kyndahl ate and got ready for bed. She was down by about 7:10 so I could really get dinner finished. We had a great dinner and watched Burn Notice and the boys played Punch Out. All in all a busy but fun day... JUST NO SUBURBAN YET! It better be here tomorrow!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Swim lessons...

Monday (after the marathon car buying experience) Kyndahl and I started her Water Babies swim lessons. Today was our third day and I think it is going ok. She is still scared to really let go of me but we are working on it. I think by the end of next week she will be much more comfortable! She loves her teacher at least, so we'll see how it goes. We may end up doing another two week session before summer is over! We'll see how it goes. David is going to go with us some next week since he won't have to keep Kaylah, so we will have pictures then!

2 month check up...and a car trip

Now that I am caught up on blogging, I can really blog... or vent I guess. So last week was crazy! We started test driving suburbans on Thursday. We actually found the one we wanted here locally and were test driving it. Before we could even get back, the lady that was looking at it before us had them call and tell us she was buying it!!! So we decided to look back at the one in Austin. We talked to them for three days and finally got the price we wanted and told them we would be there at 5 pm Friday to sign the papers.

Before we could leave I had to take Kaylah to the dr. She had a rash on her face and Heather (our nurse) said if it was not better by Friday to bring her in. So I called Friday morning and found out I could see dr Seinz but that Dr Henderson was not there... I decided to go ahead and take her in. We get there and he walks in to say it is cradle cap on her face and told us a shampoo to buy that would make it go away. He also asked about her 2 month check up and I said it was on Monday. He said he could go ahead and do it, so I agreed because it would save time and another co-pay. He did the check up and Kaylah weighs 11lbs and 2oz! She started at 6lbs 12 oz and on the 25th percentile! Now she is on the 50th percentile for everything!! She really likes to eat! So all we had left to do was get her shots. His nurse came in and had me sign the shot record and laid out the shots and told me where to put Kaylah. I laid her down and she gave her the first shot... then nothing... Kaylah SCREAMED and then the nurse finally gave the second shot! I have never seen someone move so slow in my life!! We still had 3 shots to go! I actually looked at her and said, "are you freaking kidding me?", to which she did not even respond. She never even had the next shot ready... it was painstaking and horrible for Kaylah and me! I have never loved the fact that Heather is our nurse more than I did that day. Kyndahl can't even catch her breath before Heather is done with all shots! I will never take that for granted again! I got in the car and called JJ to tell her to make sure she likes the nurse just as much as the baby's pediatrician!!! So with my nerves already shot, I came home to change clothes and head to Austin to buy our suburban...

David, Barney and I head that way. We get to Caldwell and head north on 36 to hit 79 when the phone rings..... they sold it! Some guy put down a deposit and would be there at 7pm to pick it up!!! A deposit... all the had to do was tell us he needed one and we could have put it down! So that's two sold out from under us in two days! Now onto the one in San Antonio. We had several dealer including the one in SA price it for us and SA was the most expensive! We talked it over and finally offered the guy in SA the same price as we were getting elsewhere. He refused to even budge on the price so we told him NO THANKS! Sunday we started talking to Covert in Bastrop since Papa Chuck has dealt with them often and he is a family friend. He priced the SA truck and was LOTS lower, he just had to wait until Monday to see if he could get it from SA. SO that is the before of the last blog post!! Craziness! But it will all be worth it when my suburban gets here tomorrow!!!

And to top it all off, Kaylah SCREAMED for an hour straight Friday night when we got home! Poor baby was so sore and felt yucky!!

Monday, July 6, 2009


Today we left for Bastrop about 8:30am to meet with a friend of Papa Chucks who was hoping to get the truck we wanted from the dealer in San Antonio... when we got there we got a bite to eat from sonic and headed to the park to wait to hear from him. Milissa and Barney were about an hour behind us. While at the park we got word that the one in SA was sold but that he found one in Houston and would know something within an hour... after an hour and a half we all converged upon the dealership... Rick the salesman was at lunch. Eddie tried to keep us happy waiting on Rick and showed us what he could find. We debated about buying the suburban in our color they had on the lot and adding all the features we want, we debated about changing colors that we had decided on, we even debated about waiting but after all that, Rick showed up and told us he would call the guy in Houston again... so more waiting and looking and comparing... then the call... we can have it!! Finally, the truck we want and the price is right!! Signed the papers FINALLY!! Ate a quick bite with Gma and Papa Chuck and headed home! Kyndahl and Kaylah were troopers hanging out in the car most of the day, even for naps! Almost home when we remembered that Kyndahl started swim lessons tonight at 5:30... as we pulled in the driveway at 6:00. I called to see if we could make the 6:30 class just for tonight and was given the ok! So after a crazy long day in Bastrop and in the car, Kyndahl and I headed to Sue Haswell Pool for our first night of swim lessons! Good times and long days!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Baby Kaylah

Happy 2 month birthday baby girl... my little peanut!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Family Photos...

Lots of pictures but we love our kids... aren't they photogenic! Don't you love the outfits! THANKS MANDI for letting us borrow them! Happy 4th of July!

July 4th- 2 celebrations...

July 4th 1959 Nana and Papa got married... 50 years later they have three kids, two grandkids and two great grand kids! We celebrated with a bbq at Barney and Milissa's! Family and friends came from far and wide. Ages spanned from Uncle Jack (Papa's dad's brother) to Kaylah. We rented the clubhouse to escape the heat, ate bbq and even had a "wedding" cake since they didn't have one 50 years ago. After all the friends left and we cleaned up, we headed to the house for a champagne toast and time with just the family. Then after everyone left, we busted out with mudslides and tequila sunrises! A fun time was had by all!

Kyndahl even convinced Uncle Marc to take her swimming... without a swim diaper or swimsuit! We went with a onesie and a regular diaper... but she had a blast!