Tuesday, July 14, 2009

it's broke...

again or still, not sure which! My leg that is! I originally broke it in October, right before volleyball playoffs. I was scrimmaging with the girls and landed wrong and broke my fibula at the very bottom, my "ankle". So I was in a boot from then until Feb. 1. Lots longer than most people, but being pregnant and having osteoporosis didn't help the healing process. Then I stayed off it for the most part until March when I started back into "Baby Boot Camp" until I had Kaylah... then didn't do anything again until 4 weeks ago when I got clearance from my Dr. They redid the x-ray 3 weeks ago and said it was healed but still sore from not being very active so sent me to physical therapy and it started getting WORSE not better. Then last week my PT called my dr and reported to him my feeling of it getting worse and they set up an MRI for Thursday. Yesterday I finally talked to the nurse and it is still broken they say... I think I re-broke it actually. There is also a deep contusion (bone bruise) on the tibia. SO.... now no more running or jumping... basically I will still work out but not near as hard as I was!!! YUCK... I was just finally getting back some endurance!

The plan for the rest of the week...
  • Wednesday is Kindermusik so we still take two naps...
  • Thursday after Boot Camp, we are headed to story time at the library with Mandi and the girls before nap. Then lots of errands!
  • Friday after Boot Camp I am sure we will venture out with Mandi and the girls again somewhere?!?!?
  • Either Friday or Saturday night we are headed to the rodeo so Kyndahl can see her favorite... neigh neighs!!!
  • Hopefully get a pedicure soon because I NEED one, at some point
  • Each night we have swim lessons at 5:30 so my big girl is exhausted by bedtime!!


  1. Hm. We can hang out in the afternoons too, you know, LOL. I guess I'd better take advantage of my Rebecca time before school starts again!

  2. I had knee surgery about 3 months ago and im 11 yrs old.