Thursday, July 9, 2009

Crazy day...

Started off with actually being early to bootcamp!!! Then since Mandi and the girls were busy we decided to skip story time and head to Kroger for coffee and groceries! The girls were both really well behaved. We loaded up the car and headed home for lunch, a little play time and nap. Both girls went down right at noon. I had my physical therapy and then an MRI on my ankle. I got home about 3:30 after a quick run to Albertson's for tonight's dinner and they were both still sleeping!! David had an east babysitting gig... both asleep the whole time and I put them both down for nap! They both finally got up after 4 hrs!!! CRAZY! Kyndahl had her snack and I fed Kaylah before changing K1 and I into swimsuits for swimming lessons! She did ok today but still really does not want to let go of me. Re and Ry were at the house when we got home for our weekly "Burn Notice" night, so Kyndahl ate and got ready for bed. She was down by about 7:10 so I could really get dinner finished. We had a great dinner and watched Burn Notice and the boys played Punch Out. All in all a busy but fun day... JUST NO SUBURBAN YET! It better be here tomorrow!!

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  1. Burn notice is awesome! I promise we'll make the library next week!