Monday, July 6, 2009


Today we left for Bastrop about 8:30am to meet with a friend of Papa Chucks who was hoping to get the truck we wanted from the dealer in San Antonio... when we got there we got a bite to eat from sonic and headed to the park to wait to hear from him. Milissa and Barney were about an hour behind us. While at the park we got word that the one in SA was sold but that he found one in Houston and would know something within an hour... after an hour and a half we all converged upon the dealership... Rick the salesman was at lunch. Eddie tried to keep us happy waiting on Rick and showed us what he could find. We debated about buying the suburban in our color they had on the lot and adding all the features we want, we debated about changing colors that we had decided on, we even debated about waiting but after all that, Rick showed up and told us he would call the guy in Houston again... so more waiting and looking and comparing... then the call... we can have it!! Finally, the truck we want and the price is right!! Signed the papers FINALLY!! Ate a quick bite with Gma and Papa Chuck and headed home! Kyndahl and Kaylah were troopers hanging out in the car most of the day, even for naps! Almost home when we remembered that Kyndahl started swim lessons tonight at 5:30... as we pulled in the driveway at 6:00. I called to see if we could make the 6:30 class just for tonight and was given the ok! So after a crazy long day in Bastrop and in the car, Kyndahl and I headed to Sue Haswell Pool for our first night of swim lessons! Good times and long days!

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