Wednesday, July 8, 2009

2 month check up...and a car trip

Now that I am caught up on blogging, I can really blog... or vent I guess. So last week was crazy! We started test driving suburbans on Thursday. We actually found the one we wanted here locally and were test driving it. Before we could even get back, the lady that was looking at it before us had them call and tell us she was buying it!!! So we decided to look back at the one in Austin. We talked to them for three days and finally got the price we wanted and told them we would be there at 5 pm Friday to sign the papers.

Before we could leave I had to take Kaylah to the dr. She had a rash on her face and Heather (our nurse) said if it was not better by Friday to bring her in. So I called Friday morning and found out I could see dr Seinz but that Dr Henderson was not there... I decided to go ahead and take her in. We get there and he walks in to say it is cradle cap on her face and told us a shampoo to buy that would make it go away. He also asked about her 2 month check up and I said it was on Monday. He said he could go ahead and do it, so I agreed because it would save time and another co-pay. He did the check up and Kaylah weighs 11lbs and 2oz! She started at 6lbs 12 oz and on the 25th percentile! Now she is on the 50th percentile for everything!! She really likes to eat! So all we had left to do was get her shots. His nurse came in and had me sign the shot record and laid out the shots and told me where to put Kaylah. I laid her down and she gave her the first shot... then nothing... Kaylah SCREAMED and then the nurse finally gave the second shot! I have never seen someone move so slow in my life!! We still had 3 shots to go! I actually looked at her and said, "are you freaking kidding me?", to which she did not even respond. She never even had the next shot ready... it was painstaking and horrible for Kaylah and me! I have never loved the fact that Heather is our nurse more than I did that day. Kyndahl can't even catch her breath before Heather is done with all shots! I will never take that for granted again! I got in the car and called JJ to tell her to make sure she likes the nurse just as much as the baby's pediatrician!!! So with my nerves already shot, I came home to change clothes and head to Austin to buy our suburban...

David, Barney and I head that way. We get to Caldwell and head north on 36 to hit 79 when the phone rings..... they sold it! Some guy put down a deposit and would be there at 7pm to pick it up!!! A deposit... all the had to do was tell us he needed one and we could have put it down! So that's two sold out from under us in two days! Now onto the one in San Antonio. We had several dealer including the one in SA price it for us and SA was the most expensive! We talked it over and finally offered the guy in SA the same price as we were getting elsewhere. He refused to even budge on the price so we told him NO THANKS! Sunday we started talking to Covert in Bastrop since Papa Chuck has dealt with them often and he is a family friend. He priced the SA truck and was LOTS lower, he just had to wait until Monday to see if he could get it from SA. SO that is the before of the last blog post!! Craziness! But it will all be worth it when my suburban gets here tomorrow!!!

And to top it all off, Kaylah SCREAMED for an hour straight Friday night when we got home! Poor baby was so sore and felt yucky!!

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