Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's almost Friday...

I have a headache this afternoon for some reason... I've done pretty well lately without getting any. But who knows why I decided to get one today... the only thing that has really been bothering me is my vericous veins. I went Tuesday night to Wal-mart, Walgreens and Motherhood maternity to find compression hose. I finally got some at Motherhood and they are really sexy... let me tell you!! I really hate hose but I guess if it helps, it helps. I only wear them at night so hopefully they will make them hurt less and not look so horrible!

Tomorrow is finally Friday and Melinda (best friend from high school) and her daughter will be in College Station. I got a babysitter for tomorrow night so David and I can go to a BBQ with her and her boyfriend. It will be great to see her. I cannot even remember the last time I saw them... it was the last time I was in Midland, probably like 4 years ago!! Hopefully this weekend will be a more relaxing weekend!! I am tired and need to relax! I have a massage next week so that will be even better (since it is the day of the reading TAKS test).

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

29 week visit

Weight and Blood pressure were great (120/75). Dr Dawson said my weight gain had been great, only 17 lbs total so far. Guess that sounds ok... He said I was measuring 27-28 weeks and that is great and all but I am 29 weeks.. he's a little confused. He also asked how our three kids were.... does he know who he is dealing with??? Not real sure what is going on with him.. This is the same person who asked us the first day he met us, since we had two kids if we wanted him to tie my tubes after my c-section!!! And when we asked him his suggestions on my vericous veins, his response was... well I guese we could just cut off that leg... Even though he is very competent, he has a horrible bed side manner!!!!! But we left and got to see Dr Doss and Vicky Childs (my favorite two drs that cannot deliver anymore), so that is always encouraging. I go back in four weeks and that will be my last monthly visit and then we will be going every two weeks. After we left the office, I scheduled my prenatal massage for next week... GOOD TIMES!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Almost 29 weeks...

Peanut is a moving and shaking baby... tomorrow we have our regular OB update, so will have more to update then! But it is still kicking Kyndahl constantly and hates it when I lay on my left side!!! My vericous veins are getting much we'll see what the dr says since he was not concerned at all last time!

Long weekend....

This is going to be a long and random blog but.... Friday was a lazy day... after school we just hung out at home but Kyndahl is still not feeling great. She threw up again when I put her down, in her crib so we had to change the sheets, her clothes, bumper pads and all... she finally got to go back down about an hour later... yucky! Daddy was up with her from 4:30-6:00am so getting up Saturday morning to go to the store was not his idea of fun! But we made our weekly trip to Shipley's and Kroger. Kyndahl loves her special milk she gets on the weekend! Back to the house for her to nap and us to work around the house. We had dinner Saturday night with De, Chris, Maddy and Peyton for a belated birthday dinner at OTB. The kids are so funny together as they see each other and react to each other! Kyndahl still has the cough, runny nose and sneezing so we made her a dr appt for Sunday at 2pm. Sunday morning we just hung out since Kyndahl coughed all night and did not sleep well. Her morning nap was not great but we headed to Aunt Re and Uncle Ry's to see them after lunch. Kyndahl has decided she really hates big dogs... I'm not sure if she is scared of them or what, but she cried real tears anytime they would come near her! At 2pm we headed to the dr... she weighs 22 lbs exactly! Not a very big kid but happy! She just has a icky cold so not much we can do but hope it clears up soon. Hopefully not many more days of it but we'll see. He just said to make sure if anything gets worse we bring her back so it doesn't turn into anything worse.
The actual funniest part of the weekend was Sunday Daddy was working on the smoke alarms when we put K down for her 2nd nap... he set all three in the house off (one is two feet from her bed) and she never even moved. She grabbed her Raffe and Nuka and went to sleep while they continued to make a horrible loud sound! She takes after her daddy for sure... after nap, we headed to the park so daddy could continue working and she had a blast climbing stairs, sliding and crawling through the tunnel all by herself! She is getting to be such a big kid!

Friday, February 20, 2009

30th Birthday!

Since yesterday was my 30th birthday, it was a busy day. Dad was the first one to call me?!?!? Then Mom called while Sally was beeping in. Audrey sand me happy birthday and I talked to G-ma and Papa Chuck on the way to school The morning actually started with K not feeling great and waking up all snotty but once I got to school things were looking up. The 1st period English class that I help out with (all Juniors) decorated the classroom, gave me a cute card that sings, made brownies and breakfast tacos... all in all the "party" was great! Then Mom sent me flowers that I got at lunch and Laney bought me a cookie cake that we shared with everyone in the office during lunch. All in all school made for a good birthday! Megan and I headed home at 3:30 and K was still asleep when I got home which gave me time to clean up some around the house. David got home and we all three got dressed for dinner... K looked so adorable in her outfit! We met everyone at Carino's for dinner at 5:30. Ashley, Craig, Maddie, Cindy, Charlie, Grams, Papa B, Megan, Nana and Papa all were there. Marc and Melissa stopped by for a minute to see us but did not stay to eat. David made party hats for Kyndahl, Maddie and I and bought a cookie cake too! After dinner and cake we headed home to finally get our silly kid to bed, who was so tired that EVERYTHING was SO FUNNY! But after about an hour, she finally laid down and got some rest... slept through the night! Re and Ry came over about 8:15 after Re's class and we hung out with them. So all in all, it was a good day... busy and crazy but good!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Long Night with Kyndahl

Last night was crazy... she has been sneezing and yucky since late Monday. Yesterday the runny nose turned to thick green yuckiness... she could not even breath to eat! So she ate and drank very little all day. Finally got her to bed about 6:10 and she would wake up every 20-30 minutes and cry... I would go in and calm her down and get her back asleep... at 8:45 I decided since I had showered and was ready for bed that I would rock her for a while and all was well until about 9:45 she starting coughing and threw up all over me. Daddy had to help us change clothes and we tried to get some liquid into her but all she wanted was milk and I was reluctant to give her some since she had a slight fever... she was up and down again for most of the night. Daddy and I took turns holding her and calming her until she really went to sleep about 2:30. At 3:15 she woke again but Mommy let her get herself back to sleep. This morning she still did not feel well but she did not have a fever so we'll see how she is tonight!!! Hopefully better!

Nana came to see us!

Saturday morning we got up and ran some errands before naptime. After Kyndahl's afternoon nap, Nana showed up to see us! She came in for the President's Day holiday and my birthday week. Saturday night was Valentine's so we met Marc, Melissa, Grams and Papa B at Square One for dinner. They did not open until 5pm so we hung out on the patio and Kyndahl danced and twirled in her skirt for everyone. Dinner was good but took FOREVER... and you know how I am about not great service when we go out to eat!!! But we headed home and got K down for the night and hung out with Mom. Sunday we got up for breakfast at IHOP and Kyndahl loves pancakes!!! We spent the day shopping and playing... we stopped by the park for a little while so Nana could watch Kyndahl slide. Monday I stayed home "sick" from work. Mom and I took Kyndahl to boot camp and then home for a nap. Lunch was supposed to be Freebirds but Claytie called and was in town so we had Blue Baker with him. Kyndahl was scared of him at first and cried but finally got used to him (once he took his hat off) and starting flirting with him!!! It was really cute!! We had a great day... Nana left around 6:30 to drive to Uncle Jeff's and Kyndahl went down while the cleaning lady finished the house. All in all, it was a good weekend...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

First valentine's party

Yesterday Kyndahl had her first Valentine's party. Manda and Aubrey, from our baby boot camp class, invited about 15 little ones and thier mommies to join them for cookie decorating and a Valentine exchange. Fun was had by all!! Kyndahl finally warmed up to everything and wanted to play in the dirt (and yes got her hands dirty!!) and push the shopping cart, even if it meant taking it away from anyone who had it! She also loved the Step 2 slide!! She tried apple juice and was none too impressed! But she did love her cookie she decorated and loved to dump out the sprinkles even more... we are still working on the sharing concept since she likes to take everything away from others and keep it for herself!! We both really had a good time and I think when she is a little older she will play with other kids more and mommy less!! I will hopefully upload some pics later tonight!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Trip to Houston...

Kyndahl's first trip out of town in her big girl carseat! Saturday David and I loaded up everything to head to Babies R Us and Once Upon a Child in Houston. The plan was to be in the car in time for the morning nap and hopefully K would sleep most of the way...well so much for hoping! She played with Daddy and Nuka and Raffe for most of the way and got a little antsy as we approached Houston, so no morning nap! Into Babies R Us to exchange bottles and look at her a potty seat... two hours later with lots of stuff in tow (including a chair we bought for daddy... i mean Peanut) we haeded out to get lunch. We stopped at McDonalds against Mommy's better judegement but we ate and went to find Once Upon a Child. Kyndahl fell asleep shortly after getting back in the car, so I ran into OUC and found very few items we needed. Really we are looking for a good used changing table but no such luck! So I headed back to the car and we started our journey home... Kyndahl and Daddy slept until north of Navasota so she did ok! That evening we stayed at home and Re and Ry came over for dinner and games... fun was had by all! Kyndahl even showed off her dancing skills for a little while before bed!! She really is funny when she dances... if music is on, she will stop in the middle of playing, dance a second and then go back to playing!! Silly kid!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Kyndahl is getting to be such a big girl!! She never crawls anymore and is fast on her feet! She loves to sit in the driver's seat of Daddy's truck and "drive"! She will make a bee line for his truck if you let her down in the front yard! Spike and Gizzy are still her best friends, even though they do not always agree. At night she will get her Nuka and Raffe or Zebe and follow me around the house asking to go to bed. She chased me with "Good Night Moon" the other night! Poor kids is exhausted by the time mommy gets home! She is actually sleeping through the night most nights... but Mommy is still getting up thanks to Peanut! LOL!
Its not fun getting home so late. I get home usually by 4:30 but our time together is mainly dinner, bath and bedtime routine with little playtime!! But that is the life of a scheduled child who is VERY HAPPY!!!
She has really started to grow and move more... I guess that is why she eats better and sleeps so much right now... growth spurts as well as starting to RUN will really wear you out... hence the reason she is so tired by bedtime! Hopefully I will upload more pics soon!

Peanut update...

We went to the dr Jan 27th for our latest OB update... We had a sonogram first with Kristen and Peanut tried not to cooperate again but finally got in the right position for a good heart picture! All is well.... I actually started gaining some actual weight : ( but I guess that is all expected!! BP was great as usual! Next appt is the last week in Feb and I have to do the glucose test!! FUN! For now, Peanut kicks constantly and you are starting to be able to SEE it move, not just feel it!