Thursday, February 12, 2009

First valentine's party

Yesterday Kyndahl had her first Valentine's party. Manda and Aubrey, from our baby boot camp class, invited about 15 little ones and thier mommies to join them for cookie decorating and a Valentine exchange. Fun was had by all!! Kyndahl finally warmed up to everything and wanted to play in the dirt (and yes got her hands dirty!!) and push the shopping cart, even if it meant taking it away from anyone who had it! She also loved the Step 2 slide!! She tried apple juice and was none too impressed! But she did love her cookie she decorated and loved to dump out the sprinkles even more... we are still working on the sharing concept since she likes to take everything away from others and keep it for herself!! We both really had a good time and I think when she is a little older she will play with other kids more and mommy less!! I will hopefully upload some pics later tonight!!

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  1. Sorry we missed the party, but so glad it was fun! Where are the picture??