Thursday, February 19, 2009

Long Night with Kyndahl

Last night was crazy... she has been sneezing and yucky since late Monday. Yesterday the runny nose turned to thick green yuckiness... she could not even breath to eat! So she ate and drank very little all day. Finally got her to bed about 6:10 and she would wake up every 20-30 minutes and cry... I would go in and calm her down and get her back asleep... at 8:45 I decided since I had showered and was ready for bed that I would rock her for a while and all was well until about 9:45 she starting coughing and threw up all over me. Daddy had to help us change clothes and we tried to get some liquid into her but all she wanted was milk and I was reluctant to give her some since she had a slight fever... she was up and down again for most of the night. Daddy and I took turns holding her and calming her until she really went to sleep about 2:30. At 3:15 she woke again but Mommy let her get herself back to sleep. This morning she still did not feel well but she did not have a fever so we'll see how she is tonight!!! Hopefully better!

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  1. Poor Kyndahl! I hope she's feeling better soon!